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New Media Stories #002 – Alice Donenfeld-Vernoux

Here’s my story…
I spent over 40 years in traditional media of TV and film, first as an attorney, then studio executive and later with my own company (Marvel Comics, Filmation Studios and then Alice Entertainment/Alice4tv).  During that time I produced around 100 TV episodes and distributed thousands more in the international market.  Since I’ve retired from traditional media and now do consulting work when someone crosses my palm with silver, I have the free time to do what I want to do.  New media gives me the latitude to be my own producer, writer, distributor, editor, voice-over, creator without having to go through traditional distribution or deal with programmers or buyers.  Now if that isn’t freeing, I don’t know what is!
My first tentative step was to take a course with Doug and Rosanne on Podcasting for Writers.  It was the start of too much fun!!  I have since posted my 22nd podcast and now have started putting videos on YouTube.  To say that I have become an addict would be mild, and it’s all your fault Mr. & Mrs. Welch… 🙂
PS I’m off to shoot something…


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