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NMI Member, Tracy Pattin, writes in…

I know we talked about CNN using twitter so here’s what Anchor Rick Sanchez (@ricksanchezcnn on Twitter) just said about his “new way of communicating.”

“We’re going to do something different tonight reporting on hurricane Gustav. We’re going to communicate to you, through you and with you as we use, Facebook and myspace.”

Rick is clearly thrilled to be the first to be so cutting edge with the New Media tools. It’s so cool to see this!!!


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Audio: Welcome and the first in our New Media Answers Series

Douglas E. Welch and Tracy Pattin sit down for the first episode in our series, New Media Answers

Listen: New Media Answers 001: Blogging and Your New Media Web Site

In this episode, Douglas offers a short introduction to New Media Interchange and then discusses all sorts of questions regarding blogging and your new media web site, using Tracy’s Sizzle in the Middle blog and podcast site as an example.

Listen in as they discuss what needs to be moved, what needs to be added and the ins and outs of blogging for your show.


This interview recorded with the Zoom H2 Handy Portable Stereo Recorder.

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What do we do at a New Media Interchange meeting?

As I work to spread the New Media Interchange message, I get asked this question more and more. While I would love to have you check out a meeting and just see what it is all about, I can understand people’s desire to know a bit more before coming. So, in this post, I am going to try and give you a sense of what happens, and what we would like to happen, during our meetings.

First, NMI meetings are casual, friendly and geared around communications. This isn’t some Hollywood in-crowd trying to see and be seen. It is all about everyone getting the information they need to move forward in new media and sharing whatever information they have with others. It is about business, but also about the fun of exploring this new media world.

Typically, I will have some short opening remarks, a few news items to share and then we start the introductions.

Moving around the circle or the room I have each person introduce themselves. This allows everyone to get to know one another and their areas of expertise. I also encourage each person to ask the one, burning question they would love to have answered before the end of the night. I usually offer my opinion and encourage others to chime in, too.

Once the introductions are complete, everyone is free to mingle, meet up with folks they found interesting during the introductions and have more in-depth discussions.

In some meetings, like our upcoming September meeting, I will be able to have some demonstrations and answer more technical questions as I will have a computer and projector system.

Before each meeting, I always remind myself that it is New Media Interchange. It is in the interchange and sharing of ideas that we all benefit, so I try to foster that as much as possible.

If this type of meeting sounds interesting and useful to you, please join us. Meetings are always announced here on the blog and also on and Facebook.

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Douglas on Gangplank Studios Podcast – What is Gangplank and New Media Interchange?

Recording podcasts with Evo Terra Gangplank, Phoenix, Arizona

During my recent trip to Arizona, I stopped by the Wednesday evening “Hackmania” at Gangplank HQ. Learn more about Gangplank and a little about my group, New Media Interchange, too.

Hosted by Evo Terra, co-author of Podcasting for Dummies.

Gangplank #4 – Derek and Douglas

OK, how about a serious show? Douglas was visiting from California on an invite from Evo and was curious what this whole “gangplank” thing is all about. Evo ducked the question admirably, bring in Derek to clear things up. And now… you know. Or you will once you listen. Which you’re gonna do now, right?

Listen to the show

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We’re growing! – New Media Interchange Phoenix!

Evo Terra, co-writer of Podcasting for Dummies and Expert Podcasting Strategies for Dummies is taking the reins of our first NMI Chapter in Phoenix, Arizona.

He lays out his philosophy for this NMI meeting in his post, New Media Interchange Phoenix – or – Not another meetup!

“New Media Interchange Phoenix – or – Not another meetup!

For the purpose of this post, I’m breaking up you, the readers, into two categories. Now I abhor labels, so bear with me.

Group 1: Everyone who has a firm grasp on new and social media. You get not only the concepts, but you are actively engaged to the conversation. Sure, you want to learn more, but you’re looking for advanced learnings and cutting-edge applications.

Group 2: Those who look at people who fit neatly in Group 1 and wonder either “Now that’s really neato. How can I get involved?” or “Exactly what the hell are those people going on about all the time?”.

Group 2, there is an event happening in Phoenix (Tempe, actually) on November the 1st that you must attend. It’s geared toward you. It’s a safe place to ask what you may think is a silly question. It’s non-threatening, free of techno-babble that’ll make your head spin, and an opportunity to learn the basic 101-level aspects of social and new media.”

Continue Reading…

It is great to see this group in such capable hands and I will be on-hand for the first meeting at PodCampAZ, too. It will be great to get to know everyone face to face.

The Phoenix chapter now has it’s own pages on the New Media Interchange Wiki, too — Phoenix Chapter Info.

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DrupalCampLA – September 13th and 14th, 2008

DrupalCampLA is all about Drupal, a high-end yet free content management system for building amazing, interactive and community driven web sites. If you need to branch out beyond the typical web site fare, Drupal could be for you.

Furthermore, the Drupal users of LA are a great group of people, freely sharing their expertise and showing of some amazing sites.

Best of all, its all FREE!!! (Except for parking, or better still, Metro Day Pass – $5)

One part of a successful New Media strategy is a strong online web presence. Drupal can go a long way towards making that possible.

From the DrupalCampLA web site…Who is this event for?

Everyone interested in Drupal. Beginners, Designers, Developers, Community Leaders, Artists, Bands & Musicians, Non-technical People, Technical People, PHP Developers, MySQL & PostgreSQL Developers, CSS & Web Standards folk, User Experience Architects/Designers, CTOs, CEOs, Start-ups, IT & IS teams, Photographers, Videographers, Bloggers, Podcasters, DJ’s, Entertainment Agencies, Marketing Firms, Learning and Education Centers, Students, Teachers, Principles, Managers, Project Managers, Development Managers, C#/.Net people, Ruby people, Java people, Python people (no, really), JavaScript & jQuery junkies, Ajax ninjas, Digital Samurai, Models, Open-Source lovers, CMS anyone, Apache heads, LAMP stackers, and of course – Drupal fans!!!

How much does it cost?

The event is free (no ticket charge). We’re ironing out details so don’t get mad if you have to pay for parking each day as this is a really dope event, and everyone agrees it staying free is insane on our part, but we (and our sponsors) are awesome like that.

More info and registration at

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Become a Facebook “Fan” of New Media Interchange today!

For all the Facebook users out there, New Media Interchange now has a home on Facebook.

Visit and become a “fan” today.

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What’s a podcast?

A recent Twitter message from my fellow Friends in Tech member, Kreg Steppe

steppek Just got a call from a Radio Area Survey. When asked I told them I listened to podcasts not radio…they asked what a Podcast is. FAIL.

Doesn’t surprise me in the least. Unfortunately, they will learn all too soon.

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New Media Tech: MXL Mic Mate

Just came across the MXL Mic Mate when it was mentioned in a Seesmic video tonight. It converts any standard microphone using an MXL connector into a USB mic that can be plugged directly into your laptop.

More info at

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Elsewhere Online: Here’s one way you can use video in your real estate blog

Real Estate has a great post on how realtors can make use of new media in their work.

“One question I get from folks is, “how can I use video?” Well, the first thing I would say is– Don’t do video tours of your listings unless you are getting a professional to put it together. We tried doing our own listing tours in our brokerage, and it was a colossal waste of time and effort. The folks at REShows and MLBroadcast are able to put together a much better presentation of your listing using photos and music than you are able to make with video (unless you are a videographer).”

Read the entire article and watch their video

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Next Meeting @ Hollywood and Highland – August 20

Wednesday August 20, 2008 from 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Hollywood and Highland center

6801 Hollywood blvd
Hollywood, California 90028

Join us for an evening of New Media talk in the heart of Hollywood.

New Media Interchange is dedicated to allowing everyone to benefit from New Media in their career and business.

Don’t know much about new media? Bring you questions! We’ll be glad to answer them.

Meet at the Starbucks located near the “back” of Hollywood and Highland on the 2nd floor.

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NMI Sedona Meeting

New Media Interchange SedonaWe had a GREAT time tonight talking New Media at the Ravenheart Coffee Bar in Sedona, Arizona. Lots of great conversation and people!

New Media Interchange Sedona New Media Interchange Sedona New Media Interchange Sedona

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