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We’re growing! – New Media Interchange Phoenix!

Evo Terra, co-writer of Podcasting for Dummies and Expert Podcasting Strategies for Dummies is taking the reins of our first NMI Chapter in Phoenix, Arizona.

He lays out his philosophy for this NMI meeting in his post, New Media Interchange Phoenix – or – Not another meetup!

“New Media Interchange Phoenix – or – Not another meetup!

For the purpose of this post, I’m breaking up you, the readers, into two categories. Now I abhor labels, so bear with me.

Group 1: Everyone who has a firm grasp on new and social media. You get not only the concepts, but you are actively engaged to the conversation. Sure, you want to learn more, but you’re looking for advanced learnings and cutting-edge applications.

Group 2: Those who look at people who fit neatly in Group 1 and wonder either “Now that’s really neato. How can I get involved?” or “Exactly what the hell are those people going on about all the time?”.

Group 2, there is an event happening in Phoenix (Tempe, actually) on November the 1st that you must attend. It’s geared toward you. It’s a safe place to ask what you may think is a silly question. It’s non-threatening, free of techno-babble that’ll make your head spin, and an opportunity to learn the basic 101-level aspects of social and new media.”

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It is great to see this group in such capable hands and I will be on-hand for the first meeting at PodCampAZ, too. It will be great to get to know everyone face to face.

The Phoenix chapter now has it’s own pages on the New Media Interchange Wiki, too — Phoenix Chapter Info.


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