New Media Interchange

What do we do at a New Media Interchange meeting?

As I work to spread the New Media Interchange message, I get asked this question more and more. While I would love to have you check out a meeting and just see what it is all about, I can understand people’s desire to know a bit more before coming. So, in this post, I am going to try and give you a sense of what happens, and what we would like to happen, during our meetings.

First, NMI meetings are casual, friendly and geared around communications. This isn’t some Hollywood in-crowd trying to see and be seen. It is all about everyone getting the information they need to move forward in new media and sharing whatever information they have with others. It is about business, but also about the fun of exploring this new media world.

Typically, I will have some short opening remarks, a few news items to share and then we start the introductions.

Moving around the circle or the room I have each person introduce themselves. This allows everyone to get to know one another and their areas of expertise. I also encourage each person to ask the one, burning question they would love to have answered before the end of the night. I usually offer my opinion and encourage others to chime in, too.

Once the introductions are complete, everyone is free to mingle, meet up with folks they found interesting during the introductions and have more in-depth discussions.

In some meetings, like our upcoming September meeting, I will be able to have some demonstrations and answer more technical questions as I will have a computer and projector system.

Before each meeting, I always remind myself that it is New Media Interchange. It is in the interchange and sharing of ideas that we all benefit, so I try to foster that as much as possible.

If this type of meeting sounds interesting and useful to you, please join us. Meetings are always announced here on the blog and also on and Facebook.


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