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New Media – What I Believe…

What I believe about New Media is what I believe about most things in my life. I believe that everyone has the right to create their life, their art, their media. Even more, we are now given a tool to share our art with people all over the world with the ease of talking with our neighbors. To squander such a tool borders on madness. I meet people every day who have amazing things to say, amazing art to show, amazing messages to share and yet only a fraction of them have reached out for this new tool, grasped it in their hand and felt the power of wielding it.

Is it the fear of technology that prevents us or is it the fear of finally being responsible for our own creativity? When all barriers are removed from our creativity, besides our own nature, we are left without excuses. We no longer have to whisper “tomorrow” to our creativity when it comes to call. We no longer have to postpone our true desires. We can reach out to the world today and say “There it is, take it!” — love it, hate it , treasure it! Technology can be overcome, if first we reclaim our hearts.

Music was once a participatory art. Nearly everyone could play an instrument or sing a song. Writing, too. Even the poorest people in the world wrote letters both eloquent and commonplace, yet today we disclaim any ability to be creative. Instead we sit and listen to what others create and think ourselves cut off from the creative muses. We aren’t cut off, we have only stopped listening to “the better angels of our nature” which drive us to be creative animals. It is time to take back our creative and take back our media from the “owners” of the last 100 years. We all own the media today. The only license required is creative license. The only cost — our time and our hearts.

New Media provides us a new set of tools to explore our creativity and re-opens pathways to the old. How many of us have novels or short stories, songs and compositions, movies and shows trapped in a drawer or, worst still, trapped in our heads? How many of us dream of others watching our movie and sharing our experiences? How many of use dream of performing our music or plays for others? Now is the time to turn dreams into reality.

You can use New Media tools to improve your work, your business and most importantly, your life. I believe that everyone has that creative spark inside of them that only waits for someone, something, sometime to stoke it back into the fire that it should be. This is what I believe.


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