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PodCampAZ is coming! – Nov 1 & 2 – Phoenix, AZ

As you may have noticed in the right-hand sidebar, I am going to be speaking at PodCampAZ, this November 1&2. You can find information on my sessions in the program guide.

Evo Terra and I will also be hosting the first meeting of New Media Interchange Phoenix.

What is PodCampAZ? Funny your should ask! The PodCampAZ site has this to say:

“PodCamp is a FREE BarCamp-style community UnConference for podcasters and listeners, bloggers and readers, and anyone interested in New Media. It was held for the first time from September 8-10 in Boston, Massachusetts and is now spreading across the world.

These 7 rules define what events can be called a PodCamp:

  • All content created must be released under a Creative Commons license:

  • All attendees must be treated equally. Everyone is a rockstar.
  • All attendees must be allowed to participate. (subject to limitations of physical space, of course)
  • All sessions and events must be free of charge to attend.
  • All sessions must obey the Law of 2 Feet – if you’re not getting what you want out of the session, you can and should walk out and do something else. It’s not like you have to get your money’s worth!
  • The event must be new-media focused – blogging, podcasting, video on the net.
  • The financials of a PodCamp must be fully disclosed in an open ledger, except for any donor/sponsor who wishes to remain anonymous.”

So, if you are in the area, join me (and a bunch of other folks) for PodCampAZ 2008. I look forward to seeing you there!


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