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Elsewhere Online: Matt Locke on Television and New Media

A great talk that outlines some new media ideas and how they effect world today.

Matt Locke: Television and New Media from IT Conversations


In the presentation from the Thinking Digital conference, Matt Locke of Channel 4 discusses the blurring of public and private communication and the six kinds of social spaces online.  In interviews with their target audience of 14-19 year olds, they found that while they could imagine a world with fewer media choices, they could not imagine not being able to communicate and interact through media.  

The variety of new methods for self expression on the internet have led to an overlap between public and private communication and six new kinds of communication spaces have emerged.  These are not along a spectrum but rather have different roles and rules governing behavior.  When designing a new media service, the important thing is not which medium (TV, internet, etc) it is on.  The important thing is to make the architecture of your service match the kind of social space the users expect.


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