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Join the NMI community site and be entered in our January giveaway

Join the NMI community site and be entered in our January giveaway

As a small enticement to get you to sign up and use our new community site,, we are having a small giveaway.

Everyone signed on as a member of the new site as of Jan 17, 2009, the day of our big Media Walk Meeting at Travel town (RSVP here ), will be eligible to win on  of 3 prizes:

Expert Podcasting Practices for Dummies

Expert Podcasting Practices for Dummies

* A signed copy of Expert Podcasting Practices for Dummies, co-written by NMI member and Phoenix organizer Evo Terra and Tee Morris

Expert Podcasting Practices for Dummies

Written By Magazine

Written By Magazine

* A copy (total 2) of the most recent Written By magazine, which is a special issue dedicated to New Media and featuring and interview with Joss Whedon.. Written By is the glossy magazine produced by the Writer’s Guild of America and only available to WGA members.

Sign up at today to be entered. I will randomly select 3 names and announce the winners at our January 17, 2009 meeting and online.



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Video: Amazing time lapse of the seasons

An amazing piece of video. This is exactly the type of art that would never be seen by a majority of people withou new media distribution methods.

The creator also provides a “making of” video explaining how he created it.

Be sure to click over to Vimeo to see it in HD.

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Video: New Media Tip 20081229 – Up your nose

Reader/Listener Line @ 818-804-5049

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New Media Tip 20081229 – Up your nose


New Media Interchange – Helping to Build New Media at View, listen and Read all past New Media Tips at…mediatips/

Comments or Questions? Call the Listener Line at 818-804-5049

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New NMI Community Site

As we head into 2009, I have decided to set up a New Media Interchange Community site to better facilitate communication between the members and capture conversations that could be informative to everyone. has an excellent service to set up a community site which includes blogs, video and audio sharing, forums and more.

The NMI mailing list will still be used for announcements and such, but I have asked all current members to join us on the community site. This will also probably replace our NMI wiki which I set up when I started the group.

Let’s build the New Media conversation this year!

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Audio: 3rd Annual Reading of Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol

3rd Annual LIVE Reading of Dicken’s A Christmas Carol
Sunday, December 21, 2008

Presented by

Music courtesy of

Listen: A Live Reading of Charle’s Dickens A Christmas Carol

Music courtesy of

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Video: 3rd Annual Live Reading of a Christmas Carol

You can watch and listen to a live reading of Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol via this video recording from A high-quality audio version is available in a separate blog post.

Presented by

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News: Samson Go Mic to be unveiled at CES

I haven’t laid hands upon this mic, so the term “revolutionary” might be a little grand, but it could be an interesting addition to your podcasting kit. Blue already offers its similar Snowflake mic which you might want to check out. (Links: Blue Snowflake and Blue Snowball)

Samson to Unveil Revolutionary Go Mic at CES
TechWhack (press release) – New Delhi,Delhi,India
Additionally, Go Mic is ideal for applications such as Skype, iChat, webcasting, podcasting, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and voice recognition
See all stories on this topic

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Case Study: Retailers Turning to Facebook

Facebook, Inc.
Image via Wikipedia

This is the second in our series of case studies about New Media. Today, retailing and Facebook. Are you using Facebook for your business? Why or Why not? Leave your comments below.

From Social Media Optimatization

Retailers Turning to Facebook

Not surprisingly, Facebook is the social media site of choice for many US online retailers, judging by an August 2008 study by Internet Retailer and Vovici.

What is surprising, is the low number of retailers who are using social networking sites to reach consumers. And these are online retailers, people who know and understand about the Internet, or at least should.

Read the entire article

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New Media Prescription 004 – Interview others

For other entries in this series, See New Media Prescription

If you want to enhance the impact of your new media efforts, and expose yourself to an entirely new set of listeners and viewers, you can’t do better than recording a series of interviews.

Why are interviews so powerful? It is a simple fact of ego. When you interview someone for your show what is the first thing they do? That’s right, they tell all their friends, family and business contacts to listen.

“Hey, you’ve got to listen to this interview I did for the XYZ show!”

This is exactly what you want them to do and you want to facilitate it as much as possible. In this relatively simple way you gain exposure to each person’s network of contacts so provide them with audio or video from the interview, send them links they can share and embed in thier own blogs and web sites and post the interview to public audio and video sharing sites.

While you might hesitate to ask someone for their entire mailing list so you could send out a  press release, interviewing someone, and asking that they share it with their friends and contacts is very natural. An interview provides valuable content and yet still achieves the goal of raising your profile and that of your interview subject.

Who do you interview? Start with the people you would most like to speak with.  Who are your influences? Who are your heroes? Whose opinions do you respect most? There is no need to shoot low, either. My fellow Friends in Tech members, Chuck Tomasi and Kreg Steppe of Technorama always make a point of reaching out to bigger names for their interviews. Their guests have included Mythbusters Adam Savage and Grant Imahara, author Stephen Covey,  explorer and discoverer of the Titanic, Dr. Robert Ballard and many others.

You should also seek to be interviewed by others. You gain content that can be shared on our own blog or podcast and your ideas get exposed to a new group of people. It also allows you to get your ideas out if you are having difficulty writing them down. This was the genesis of my New Media Answers series for New Media Interchange. Members would often be peppering me with questions during our meetings and I quickly realized that my answers would be beneficial to many more people if I captured them for the web site and podcast.

So I asked NMI member, Tracy Pattin, who does her own show, Sizzle in the Middle, to act as the interviewer and duplicate in the studio what happened so frequently at our meetings. She comes in with questions on a particular topic and I answer them to the best of my ability. This results in an engaging discussion and allows me to talk about new media issues and work through ideas that I can later present as more fully-formed articles here and on the New Media Interchange blog. This allows me to answer questions that a large majority of the members might have even when I am unable to talk with each of them individually.

Start interviewing today to spread your name and your message to an entirely new group of people.

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Video: The Chess Game

NMI Member, William, shared his video, The Chess Game, with us at the last meeting. This piece was a student project and shot on “real” film. (SMILE).

See more of William’s video on his YouTube Channel, UnderseenTV

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New Media Interchange Media Walk – Jan 17 @ 10 am

RSVP using

Ever heard of Photowalking? Photographers, both amateur and professional, gather at a photogenic location to shoot photos and talk photography.

In that vein, New Media Interchange is hosting a Media Walk! Bring your still cameras, video cameras, audio recorders, microphones, Flip videos et al and let’s spend some time creating and talking New Media.

Yes, this is another of my ideas to coerce you into actually making New Media. (SMILE) I think it would be a great way to put our equipment and talent to work. Come and create something for your web site, podcast or blog. Learn from others and teach something you know.
Bring the kids! Travel Town is a great place for them to explore. There is also a kid-sized train ride around the museum. Maybe you can use them in your movie?! (SMILE)

We’ll retire to a nearby restaurant for lunch after the walk. You can also bring a picnic lunch, as food service at Travel Town is pretty limited.

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