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Recently Shared: DIY Camera Stabilizer

My fellow Friends in Tech member, Kreg Steppe, shared this interesting link for a homebuilt camera stablizer. I have been wanting one of these. — Douglas

DIY: Camera stabilizer

This is really great looking camera stabilization rig. It certainly can compete with the professional models and seems to cost a lot less. I really like the universal joint that allows for some incredible movement.

Inspired by the Steadicam Merlin, and unwilling to spend £500 on that device, I set about making my own, following the basic principles of the Merlin and other similar designs viewable on the internet.

More about DIY: Camera stabilizer


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5 Responses

  1. T. Barnes says:

    That’s very cool, Doug. Thanks for sharing this via Twitter. I tried a DIY device like this at the last BarCamp but this one is muy bueno.

  2. Will Hawkins says:

    This is so simple and nicely designed. A great piece of Scottish design! It makes the filming look very professional. Where can you buy this?

  3. S. Haldane says:

    That’s my video. There’s more on my website, and on YouTube

    Come and have a look.

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