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News: Child actor David Faustino re-emerges to tell (almost) all in ‘Star-ving’

An interesting article on David Faustino’s foray into a web-only series.

‘Married . . . With Children’ star tries his hand at a Web-only series on

“The reunion called for Faustino’s successful former cast mates to reprise their original roles, but at the table read with Ed O’Neill, Katey Sagal and Christina Applegate, he discovers he’s now “the pizza guy,” and some other actor will assume his old role as the mischievous Bud Bundy.

The movie idea is a joke, of course — one that Faustino came up with himself and that marked the first time since the curtain came down on “Married . . . With Children” that the cast had come together for a show.

It’s the kind of humor audiences can expect from “Star-ving,” a new weekly Web-only comedy series premiering Friday on, an online video network backed by Sony Pictures Entertainment. Faustino plays an exaggerated version of himself in the series, which he wrote and developed with several friends as an “anti- Entourage.””

Read the entire article


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