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Event: Super Happy Vlog House next weekend Saturday, Feb 7, 2009

If you aren’t coming out to see me on the State of the Music Industry Panel this Saturday, consider attending this event. I soooooo, wan to go as I have missed it both times. Maybe if you attend you can give all the other NMI members a report? — Douglas

Super Happy Vlog House next weekend Saturday, Feb 7, 2009

What’s a vlog house? It’s a place where people geek out over audio & video, software, poetry, music, story-telling, television, web sites, new media and technology in general. We get together to share and learn, to have fun, to take a walk, get things done and break bread.

Our third Super Happy Vlog House is set for the weekend of February 7, 2009. Official time is from 2pm – 11pm Saturday, but folks are welcome to camp over Friday or Saturday. We have some extra rooms, beds, couches, floor space, RV parking and tent space. Rooms and camping space is limited, so please RSVP in the comments or send an email to markus dot sandy at gmail dot com.

Complete Info available on the Digital Dojo blog


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