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New Media Service: Embedr: Embed Videos from Multiple Services in a Single Player

ReadWriteWeb has an excellent look at this new service, Embedr. While not all of us need to embed multiple videos from different sites, this would certainly come in handy in those special cases.

It is great to see the continued development of new media tools and services that mix up media in a million different ways. Your media wants to be shared and Embedr makes it a little easier for people to share the word about your content.

Written by Rick Turoczy

Embedr is all about speed. To test the service, we created the following player in about 30 seconds – and we were able to do so without even registering.

With online videos, you can never watch – or share – just one. But creating a playlist that allows you to share those videos – especially if they live on a number of different services – can be more difficult than it should be. Usually, you’re stuck with a series of links or a page full of embedded videos. Next time you have multiple videos to embed, try Embedr, a service that takes all of your video content and makes it accessible from a single embedded player.

Embedr is incredibly easy to use. Simply create a playlist and start adding the URLs of the videos you’d like to include. Don’t worry about the order. Once you’ve added all of the videos, you can reorganize them. During playback, videos automatically transition from one to the next. Or viewers can thumb through the screens below the main window to jump directly to the video of their choice.

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