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News: Web Site Goes Live

I have been testing over the last month or so and I think it is great. I consider a YouTube for Spoken Word new media projects. I think it will really help audio podcasters, especially, get some more recognition. If your shows are not already registered here, my recommendation is to get them there.

Here is the press release with all the information.

Douglas Web Site Goes Live

Marin County, California – February 12, 2009 – There are perhaps millions of audio and video spoken-word recordings on the Internet. Think of all those lectures, interviews, speeches, conferences, meetings, radio and TV programs and podcasts. No matter how obscure the topic, it’s been recorded and published on line.

But how do you find it? is a new free on-line service that helps you find, manage and share audio and video spoken-word recordings, regardless of who produced them or where they’re published.

All of the recordings in the database are discovered on the Internet and submitted to our database by members like you. doesn’t store media files, but rather the metadata such as titles, descriptions, categories and locations, which is why can accept submissions from anyone and anywhere. is particularly useful for those with an iPod, iTunes or other media player.’s collections are a terrific way to manage all of your spoken-word programs and subscriptions, which can then be downloaded to your media player as a single feed. is a project of The Conversations Network, a U.S. 501(c)(3) non-profit best known for its own podcast channels such as IT Conversations (the longest continuously running podcast on the planet) and The Levelator software for podcast, radio and TV audio post-production.


Doug Kaye
The Conversations Network


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