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Elsewhere Online: DVeStore’s Shotgun Shootout

An Audio-Technica shotgun microphone
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I came across this blog post via Twitter user @guycochran . This is something I have been wanting to create for a while, so it is great to be able to pass it along to you.

DVeStore’s Shotgun Shootout

This is the most amazing mic comparison on the internet! Listen to a variety of shotguns and compare the sound quality right on this page!

A good quality shotgun mic will pickup great sound a few feet directly in front of the mic while at the same time rejecting sound from the sides. This is great for picking out just the sounds you want and is the most desirable and common microphone for DV filmmakers.

A question most new camcorder owners have is, “Which shotgun mic should I buy?” This usually happens after they shot some awesome footage, but later found that they can’t quite make out the intriguing dialogue from what was a light breeze but somehow now whips, rumbles and howls like a tornado.

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