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News: What RAJAR’s Recent Podcasting Data Means for Podcasters

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More recent podcasting info, with commentary from the Association for Downloadable Media

What RAJAR’s Recent Podcasting Data Means for Podcasters

The UK’s radio ratings service, RAJAR, recently released the findings of its latest study of Internet-delivered audio services, including a healthy section on podcast consumption. Here are some of the principal findings, and a few thoughts on what they mean for podcast content producers:

1. The overall podcast audience continues to show significant growth: the overall UK figures rose from 6 million persons indicating they had ever downloaded a podcast in May 2008, to 7.2 million today. Also in that same period, the number of persons indicating that they listen to a podcast each week rose from 3.7 million to 4.1 million.

Two things strike me about these numbers–first, of course, podcast consumption continues to grow at a very healthy rate. More significant to me is the fact that 57% of the total podcast audience listens to a podcast each week. That, combined with the fact that the number of podcasts subscribed to increased from 3.6 to 4.4 is clear evidence that listening to podcasts is becoming more of a habit, and less of a novelty, for the majority of this ever-growing body.

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