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I posted this tip today on the NewMediaTips Twitter feed today, but I wanted to expand on it here.

“Stores have viewing windows and open kitchens for a reason. New media opens your viewing window to the world, not just those nearby”

Nearly everyone likes to see behind the scenes. Cake stores have viewing windows into the decorating area and more and more restaurants are designed with open kitchens where diners can take in the entire process of preparing their meal. Krispy Kreme Donuts exposed their entire production line, making it a show unto itself. Factory tours are everywhere and their are entire television shows dedicated to showing “How it’s made”

Considering the public’s love for behind the scenes information, why not use new media tools to expose your business, your work, your life, to those who might be interested. New Media is like opening your viewing window, your backstage, to the world instead of just the few people who happen to walk by your storefront. Increasingly, the Internet is your storefront and you should be using New Media to give people a look, a taste, of what is happening.

You can do this by putting photos on your web site, recording audio interview with your staff, or taking video of a particular process. All of these types of media can be easily captured and shared using inexpensive equipment and cheap or free Internet services.

What’s stopping you? Leave our questions and comments on this post and I will give your some great ideas for getting started today.

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