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New Media Chat Transcript – October 27, 2009

[19:00] douglaswelch: Welcome everyone to this New Media Chat sponsored by New Media Interchange at http://newmediainterchange. Our community site is at
[19:00] douglaswelch: A transcript of tonight’s chat should be available on the web site when we are done. This is one reason we are using TinyChat tonight as our online living room.
[19:01] joliveroconnell: @Andrea–good to see you!
[19:01] joliveroconnell: And everyone
[19:01] douglaswelch: The goal of these chats is to share our New Media knowledge and learning. As I mentioned in the email invite, reach out to the less tech saaavy among you and iontroduce them to the chat so they can learn more.

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Audio: Ghosts of the Internet Live 2009

Last night, NMI Members Michael Lawshe and Keri Dearborn hosted their annual Ghosts of the Internet Live Reading of Halloween and Spooky Stories. If you didn’t get a chance to join us live, you can now listen to this encore presentation via podcast.




Ghosts of the Internet Live Reading Ghosts of the Internet Live Reading Ghosts of the Internet Live Reading

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In the Field. Going Live! Tubefilter’s Live Event!

Tracy Pattin, host, SizzleintheMiddle

Tracy Pattin, host, SizzleintheMiddle

Busby’s nightclub was buzzing this past Monday night with  Tubefilter and the Hollywood Web Television MeetupGoing LIVE!.

It was a lively (and of course very entertaining and streamed live) panel with Tubefilter’s Drew Baldwin, Coin-op TV’s Hailey Bright, Mahalo Daily’s Tyler Crowley, The Streaming.TV’s Brian Gramo, and Ooyala’s Bismark Lepe, about producing live television on the web. It’s called, “Live Streaming” and it looks like the next big web evolution.

So what does it take? Tubefilter’s Drew Baldwin says, “You have to be improvisational down to the last electrical cord.” Mahalo’s Tyler Crowley says, “People want live because is the easiest and best way to interact. Live is her to stay.”

So, what are the drawbacks of this new technology? Just that… It’s NEW technology. The Stream.TV’s Brian Gramo says, “The technology is still not perfect.” Assuring us that it will get there…in at most…3 years.

Of course the other big question of the evening was…you guessed it, “How do you monetize?” Bismark of Ooyala, says “It’s all about syndication.” He says he’s starting to see the networks “Open inventory to live stream.” The panel went on to talk about donating, sponsors and other ways to get “eyeballs to the site.”

One last bit of wise advice: ( that never seems to change) It all starts with content. Content is still king.

Check out the upcoming November Tubefilter meetup event

-Tracy Pattin


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New Media Chat – Make the Most of New Media

** Please make a point of sharing this with some of your less tech saavy friends and business partners. Heck, sit down together with them for this chat. There is some great information to be had, especially for those just learning about New Media — Douglas

Tuesday, October 27, 2009 at 7 pm PDT

Join NMI Founder, Douglas E. Welch and other NMI members for a live and wide ranging discussion of New Media. What is it? How to use it? Why? Let’s talk about Twitter, YouTube,, Facebook and a host of others.

This week we will be using to host our chat. It has tools for recording the entire chat for later reading as well as audio and video conferencing.

Visit to join in!

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NMI Blog now has mobile theme has turned on a mobile web theme for all blogs hosted on their site. Those browsing on an iPhone or other mobile web device will now see the blog in the format below. It is much easier to use the site than before. I know I will appreciate the new theme on my iPhone 3G.

New mobile theme for WordPress.con blogs

The New Media Interchange Community Site (and all based sites) have had a mobile theme for a while. Here is an example of how it appears on the iPhone.

Mobile interface for NMI Community site

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Former NPR newscaster starts podcast

NPR News logo
Image via Wikipedia

If it’s true that a New Media ‘can’t get no respect’ until the Old Media types begin to populate it, then we’re about to get a boost from former NPR Day to Day newscaster Madeline Brand who is beginning a Mommy blog/podcast this weekend according to this story in today’s LA Times:

Parenting on the Edge: Madeleine Brand casts a critical eye on classic kids’ books

Why am I throwing yet another (b)log on the towering inferno of mommy blogs out there? There must be at least a gazillion of them, to use my son’s word for anything larger than 10. And yet there also seems to be an unquenchable desire to talk about parenting, as if we’re the first to experience it. Turning “parent” into a gerund would have been alien to our parents, which says a lot about where we are.

I used to host a radio show on NPR called “Day to Day.” Whenever we did a story on parenting, the response was big. I thought, “Wow, this is really connecting with our listeners; wouldn’t it be great to do a whole show or series of podcasts on this topic?” But being a mom with a full-time job, I couldn’t really find the time.

Soon, I had all the time in the world: NPR canceled the show, and I lost my job. So I downsized from NPR’s swank Culver City studios to my closet, which my husband gallantly soundproofed. I bought some audio equipment, and “Parenting on the Edge” was born. Earlier episodes, which I posted at, covered topics such as what children should not be learning in preschool (their ABCs); the social dilemmas faced by stay-at-home dads; why a family gave up everything (car, home, retirement fund) to travel the world; and how to have a good conversation with your child. (Start by not asking, “How was school today?”)

More at:,0,5820263.htmlstory

I suppose this one caught my eye ’cause I liked her work on Day to Day – and I liked her first topic since I so disliked The Giving Tree myself – though Runaway Bunny I could spend some time defending!

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In The Field. Digital Media Summit

Tracy Pattin, host, Sizzle in the

Tracy Pattin, host, Sizzle in the

When I think back to all the New Media events I’ve attended over the past year one thing is for certain in this uncertain world;  just as the world of New Media has expanded, so have the audiences. Seems now they are always at capacity. If this is any barometer, it looks like New Media/Digital Media/Social Media, Non-Traditional Media have reached critical mass.

We’re all hungrier to participate in cyberspace but we don’t know where this is all going. How to navigate it. How to make it work for us. Filled to capacity, The Digital Media Summit at UCLA this past summer addressed those concerns.

“Today is about the existing media structure and the disruptive technology that will change media as we know it”, said the event’s producer and founder, Michael Stroud.

This “disruptive technology” seems to be cutting a wider swath of disruption at an accelerated pace. “We are no longer in the demonstration phase” Stroud says. This is an interesting, exciting time for New Media, Social Media,  and Web 2.0 (about to be 3.0). Although we’re not in the demonstration phase, it seems we’re still theorizing, hypothesizing and trying to figure it all out.  And on everyone’s mind is one word, monetizing. It’s beginning to sound like one of those (old media) broken records. So the questions are “Where is New Media going? How will we and it, get there? And the biggest question, “How will we all make money when we’ve arrived?”
There are all kinds of predictions like, “video on demand will replace the DVD within the next 5 years and disruptive technology will completely change the entertainment business model.

The first panel addressed “Rising Above the Marketing Noise.” Marketing to increase immediate eyeballs and growing brands long-term. Andrew Lin of Miramax, says, “a lot of brands are advertising on the web and it’s a good place to be.” But there has to be a conduit for engaging the viewer. This is where the line is drawn between New Media and (old) Traditional Media. It’s about the “lean forward” instead of the old “lean back” way of watching movies and television. It’s also about getting the marketing message out. ” Then, there has to be a reason to share the message.” Joerg Bachmaier of Endemol USA says “companies make the mistake of creating content while ignoring user behavior.” He goes on to give the example of “Married” the successful MySpace show. “We invited users to the wedding” he points out.

Chris Di Cesare CMO of YouTube, says “Traditional TV media buyers are starting to have opportunities to buy on YouTube as they are integrating brands with content. But he says it’s still a word of mouth world. Digital Media is a new tool for that word of mouth.

YouTube’s Jordan Hoffner in his key note address says YouTube is signing deals with Hollywood but we have to bridge the gap between OLD and NEW media. Once we stop making the distinction, we’ll bridge that gap. Jordan went on to talk about the major Hollywood disruption and resistance to New Media. In other words; Controlling the assets. But isn’t this a complete contradiction? New Media/Social Media is about a leveled playing field. It’s about the democratization of information and creative content. It’s about viewer control in both entertainment and marketing. The viewers can make or break, en masse,  a show or company with the touch of a key.

The second panel answered the question, “Who Controls What Viewers Watch?”
The simple answer in these Social Media times is, the ViEWERS control what viewers watch(At least for now).  But, Hollywood would like to incorporate a pay to play strategy. Then the topic becomes, Pay vs. Free. Always ending up back at the overall topic; Monetization.

As far as marketing is concerned, people are reaching people through Social Media, but there has to be a reason for them to share a message.” So it’s still a word of mouth world, morphing into a word of MOUSE world.  As far as the monetizing, it’s about the audience and the audience is about good content but it’s more than that. It’s about engaging those viewers.

Hollywood executive, Curt Marvis of Lionsgate summed it up best when answering the question, “How do we create content for digital media?”It’s all about the marketing. It’s just like traditional media. You need a budget to make the movie then a budget to market it. This is the formula that has to be there with digital media.”

So there you have it. Maybe the answer is in the question:
“How do we converge New Media and Old Media?” Because it looks like (in some form) both are here to stay.

Check out iHollywood Forum for events throughout the year.

-Tracy Pattin

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Join us for a New Media Chat!

Join us for a New Media Interchange Chat!

Want to learn how and why to use Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and more? Looking to jumpstart your use of New Media? Join us for our first New Media Chat.

New Media Interchange Founder, Douglas E. Welch and other NMI members will be on-hand to chat about all your New Media Issues.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009 – 7pm

Join the chat on the New Media Interchange Community Site

You can also link directly to the chat page at

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Elsewhere: Sharing your Google Reader Shared Items via Twitter

NMI Founder, Douglas E. Welch, recently posted this item about sharing  your Google Shared Items via Twitter and more.

Ah, this is one of my trade secrets! Bwaahahha. Actually it is one of my experiments with linking things together online. It’s not all posts, by the way, just items I share from Google Reader.

First, I use Google Reader to monitor several hundred feeds. Clicking “Share” in Google Reader automatically creates a web page of my shared items ( It also creates an RSS feed of those same items.

Read the entire article

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