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Former NPR newscaster starts podcast

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If it’s true that a New Media ‘can’t get no respect’ until the Old Media types begin to populate it, then we’re about to get a boost from former NPR Day to Day newscaster Madeline Brand who is beginning a Mommy blog/podcast this weekend according to this story in today’s LA Times:

Parenting on the Edge: Madeleine Brand casts a critical eye on classic kids’ books

Why am I throwing yet another (b)log on the towering inferno of mommy blogs out there? There must be at least a gazillion of them, to use my son’s word for anything larger than 10. And yet there also seems to be an unquenchable desire to talk about parenting, as if we’re the first to experience it. Turning “parent” into a gerund would have been alien to our parents, which says a lot about where we are.

I used to host a radio show on NPR called “Day to Day.” Whenever we did a story on parenting, the response was big. I thought, “Wow, this is really connecting with our listeners; wouldn’t it be great to do a whole show or series of podcasts on this topic?” But being a mom with a full-time job, I couldn’t really find the time.

Soon, I had all the time in the world: NPR canceled the show, and I lost my job. So I downsized from NPR’s swank Culver City studios to my closet, which my husband gallantly soundproofed. I bought some audio equipment, and “Parenting on the Edge” was born. Earlier episodes, which I posted at, covered topics such as what children should not be learning in preschool (their ABCs); the social dilemmas faced by stay-at-home dads; why a family gave up everything (car, home, retirement fund) to travel the world; and how to have a good conversation with your child. (Start by not asking, “How was school today?”)

More at:,0,5820263.htmlstory

I suppose this one caught my eye ’cause I liked her work on Day to Day – and I liked her first topic since I so disliked The Giving Tree myself – though Runaway Bunny I could spend some time defending!

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