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New Media Chat Transcript – 20091110

[19:00] douglaswelch: Welcome everyone to this week’s New Media Chat where we get you answers to your most pressing questions

[19:01] douglaswelch: I am Douglas E. Welch, Founder of New Media Interchange

[19:02] douglaswelch: You can find out more information about New Media Interchange at and our community site,

[19:02] edbukont: do we need sound up for this?

[19:02] douglaswelch: With that out of the way, welcome everyone! What questions do you have tonight?

[19:02] douglaswelch: No I am not using audio or video for tonight’s chat. Maybe in the future

[19:03] joliveroconnell: I actually have a question about Ning

[19:03] douglaswelch: Yes, Jennifer, Go ahead

[19:03] edbukont: what is Ning

[19:03] joliveroconnell: I’m trying to set up a Tues w Transitioners page

[19:03] joliveroconnell: But cannot seem to create a blogroll

[19:03] guest-13216 changed nickname to 4byoung

[19:03] guest-13306 entered the room

[19:03] joliveroconnell: When I try to insert stuff in the page, it comes out as plain text and looks horrible

[19:03] douglaswelch: @edbukont, Ning is a site that allows you develop your own social network. The NMI Community site I linked to in my intro is based on

[19:03] joliveroconnell: Is there a way to change that?

[19:04] douglaswelch: Hmmm…are you trying to create a text box that has links in it?

[19:04] joliveroconnell: Just a page with links

[19:04] joliveroconnell: Can you create a text box on the Ning site.

[19:04] joliveroconnell: ?

[19:04] douglaswelch: You should be able to do that, but I cannot say I have done it myself

[19:05] joliveroconnell: Okay.  I wasn’t sure what the capabilities are

[19:05] joliveroconnell: I probably need to dig a bit more.

[19:05] douglaswelch: Yes, you can create a text box on the main page using the Manage Tab, Features and then add a Text box by dragging it onto the page

[19:05] edbukont: Doug

[19:05] douglaswelch: @Edbukont, yes sir

[19:06] edbukont: perhaps even showing them a doco on my PC which they can have for a fee

[19:07] edbukont: any ideas

[19:07] douglaswelch: It looks like we missed the first part of the question.

[19:07] guest-13405 entered the room

[19:07] douglaswelch: Do you want to offer up something like an eBook for a fee?

[19:07] guest-13405 changed nickname to marylynn3

[19:08] douglaswelch: Hi Marylynn

[19:08] marylynn3: Hi Douglas! I finally made a chat!

[19:08] douglaswelch: Cool!

[19:08] marylynn3: I see the opening question….

[19:09] douglaswelch: Feel free to ask away on your questions, I can answer them as they come in, to keep the chat moving

[19:10] douglaswelch: BTW, if you are in the Phoenix Arizona area this weekend, I will be speaking at PodCampAZ on Sat and Sunday –

[19:10] guest-13493 entered the room

[19:10] edbukont: i have been enjoying the podcasts that some of the AV industry folks put out

[19:11] guest-13493 changed nickname to georgestarcher

[19:11] douglaswelch: Cool. Feel free to drop us some links here or on the NMI Community site. I am always looking for great content

[19:11] georgestarcher: @joliveroconnell you can make a tab page and put links in it

[19:11] douglaswelch: @edbukont IN relation to your question, are you thinking of try to sell an ebook or something?

[19:11] georgestarcher: I found this

[19:12] joliveroconnell: @george, I tried that

[19:12] joliveroconnell: It doesn’t create the hyperlinks

[19:12] edbukont: i dont know enough about ebooks, but i suspect it could be a way of addressing someone

[19:12] joliveroconnell: And I’m not sure how to format.  I’m not good with HTML

[19:12] edbukont: someone’s need for direction in the use of equipment or systems

[19:12] douglaswelch: @jennifer Yes, you need a little HTML to do it.

[19:12] rosanne: And now for something completely different to mull over between questions (and typing efforts)…

[19:13] joliveroconnell: @Doug–I need to go on the web and get an HTML refresher

[19:13] douglaswelch: Yes, eBooks are a great way of sharing/selling your knowledge. especially yours which is pretty specific

[19:13] douglaswelch: Here is the basic line you need to put in a link

[19:13] joliveroconnell: @Doug-where did you get your mini-camcorder that you do your podcasts with?

[19:13] joliveroconnell: Oh, great!

[19:13] douglaswelch: <A HREF=”place url here”>Text of the Link you want to make</a>

[19:14] joliveroconnell: @Doug-Thanks!  I’m copying that now.

[19:14] guest-13610 entered the room

[19:14] douglaswelch: For my video I have been using several pieces. Sometimes I use my older Digital8 tape camcorder

[19:14] edbukont: the wife repairs video game systems and that is about as high tech as we are yet

[19:14] douglaswelch: Sometimes I use my friend Flip Video camera

[19:14] edbukont: she has a page where you can send in your problem and get a quote

[19:14] guest-13610 changed nickname to facebook_user

[19:14] douglaswelch: and sometimes I record directly from the built-in webcam using iMovie on the Mac

[19:15] joliveroconnell: Which one did you use when you came to the Tuesday group?  The Flip cam?

[19:15] edbukont: i love the camera in my LG phone

[19:15] facebook_user: Hi Douglas. Bonnie MacBird here

[19:15] edbukont: but i think an android is in the future

[19:15] douglaswelch: @edbukont That sounds cool. Seems like there would be a lot of opportunities to add New Media items (video, audio, blog, etc) to the mix

[19:15] douglaswelch: @jennifer Yes. The original Flip Video

[19:16] douglaswelch: Hi Bonnie!

[19:16] facebook_user: You used another chat medium, with video, last time?

[19:16] douglaswelch: I am looking to upgrade to an HD direct to disk/SD card camcorder in the future, but the Flip HD is great to have for quick and dirty stuff

[19:17] rosanne: Not a bad use of New Media in the very tradtional world of country music.

[19:17] joliveroconnell: @Doug–can you give me the make and model?  I want to see if I can find it on Amazon

[19:17] douglaswelch: @Bonnie This one actually supports audio, video adnn screen sharing, but I think the text chat works best with a group like this

[19:17] joliveroconnell: @rosanne–is this Mrs. Doug Welch? 😀

[19:18] georgestarcher: the new kodak z8i was popular at the blogworld/new media expo.  it has jack for external mic

[19:18] douglaswelch: @Jennifer of the Flip Video ? Here is there direct site

[19:18] douglaswelch:

[19:18] joliveroconnell: @Doug==Perfect!  Thanks.

[19:19] douglaswelch: Yeah, I laid hands on the Kodak at Best Buy and have heard some good things about it

[19:19] rosanne: @joliveroconnell – yep, it’s Mrs. Welch – my Tuesday night class at CSUF is on a furlough night so I hopped into th

[19:19] douglaswelch: I think HD, even the lower res HD of the Flip is the way to go for the future

[19:19] joliveroconnell: I’d just like to incorporate Podcast for the Tues group

[19:20] joliveroconnell: Our speaker today was REALLY good, and its a shame I didn’t record it for posterity.

[19:20] douglaswelch: @jennifer Podcasting is fairly straight forward. A little video, a blog and an RSS feed

[19:20] joliveroconnell: @rosanne–excellent!  Nice to see you

[19:20] joliveroconnell: or chat with you as the case may be!

[19:20] facebook_user: Douglas, what blogging sofrware and host do you recommend?

[19:20] douglaswelch: I hate all the great content that ISN’T capture when there is such an easy way to share it

[19:21] joliveroconnell: Baby steps-

[19:21] joliveroconnell: But I know it will change my life.

[19:21] georgestarcher: For a simple free blog solution I have been using posterous for my personal stuff.

[19:21] joliveroconnell: Just like when I got a decent voice recorders–interviews are now a breeze!

[19:21] douglaswelch: @Bonnie – For blogging, WordPress seems to be the best solution. As for web hosting? Hmmm ? I ues GoDaddy but don’t

[19:21] georgestarcher: it can repubish to all the other types of sites.

[19:21] douglaswelch: necessarily recommen them. Dreamhost/BlueHost come to mind as alternatives, though

[19:22] marylynn3: @Bonnie I use Siteground and like it. Have also heard good things about Hostgator for hosting

[19:22] douglaswelch: You can also get going easily with a video podcasting using for free. I use them a lot to host and embed videos for my podcasts

[19:22] facebook_user: Thank you for these, guys.  I will check these out.

[19:22] georgestarcher: here is the link to posterous.

[19:23] douglaswelch: Thanks MaryLynn. It is always best to get some direct recommendations

[19:23] marylynn3: Why is it still virtually impossible to embed video into WP????

[19:23] facebook_user: That would make WP a problem for me

[19:23] joliveroconnell: Yeah… I don’t have good success with that.

[19:23] douglaswelch: If you are just getting started, a hosted blog isn’t a bad place to start. You can migrate it into a full WordPress installation pretty easily

[19:24] joliveroconnell: When I start doing more video I’m probably going to have to change sites.

[19:24] douglaswelch: @ MaryLynn is is fairely easy to embed video into WordPress. What is giving you trouble

[19:24] douglaswelch: Blip embed, YouTube embed seem to work well for me

[19:25] douglaswelch: On you have to use the alternative [YouTube url=kjhsdfkjhdsk] method, but it works well.

[19:25] joliveroconnell: That would make sense.

[19:25] douglaswelch: Embdedding in a self-hosted WordPress blog just uses the standard embed code provided by the video sharing site

[19:26] facebook_user: Someone is at my door; sorry must go.  Thank you Doug, and Hi Rosanne!  See you all soon.

[19:26] georgestarcher: or you can use plugins like vipers video quicktags on a self hosted wordpress setup

[19:26] douglaswelch: A reminder, too, a lot of these questions would make for great on-going discussions on the community site, where I and others could provide more in-depth answers, so feel free to post them there after

[19:26] douglaswelch: too

[19:26] douglaswelch: Bye Bonnie! Thanks for dropping in

[19:26] marylynn3: Huh, I’ll check out that plugin George, thanks

[19:27] joliveroconnell: But what if you’re uploading your own vid?

[19:27] douglaswelch: I just use the provided or YouTube embded codes on my self-hosted WP blogs

[19:27] edbukont: so if i wanted to start a blog,,,where do i begin?

[19:27] georgestarcher: really its best to upload to another site like youtube, blip etc and embed

[19:27] douglaswelch: Then I link the for the high quality m4v file for the podcast subscribers

[19:27] georgestarcher: @edbbulkont you might try one of the hosted for you options like, etc

[19:28] douglaswelch: @jennifer put it on the public site, first, then link to it there. You get the added advantage of sharing it with the YouTube audience and your blog readers

[19:28] georgestarcher: I wouldnt jump straight to your own hosting if completely new

[19:28] douglaswelch: @edbukont. Check out as a starting point

[19:29] douglaswelch: Yes, George, I agree. Start with a hosted blog like or and then move up from there once you really get going

[19:29] joliveroconnell: I guess I need to use my you tube account more, tehn

[19:30] douglaswelch: @jennifer The fact is, you want to also upload your video to Facebook, YouTube, Blip, Vimeo, etc and a host of other sites to expose it to as many people as possible

[19:30] marylynn3: Does convert wmv files?

[19:30] douglaswelch: @marylynn Hmmm, not sure. I would guess probably, but I know they do AVI ont he Windows side

[19:31] douglaswelch: @jennifer One reason I use Blip is that there is no 10 min limit. That frustrates me so on YouTube. I have put up complete 1.5 hour talks on blip, as one piece, with no problem

[19:31] marylynn3: OK…so save to AVI then will convert to m4v?

[19:31] douglaswelch: @marylynn Checking and WMV in another window

[19:32] marylynn3: Great

[19:32] douglaswelch: @marylynn I think the M4v conversion is a premium feature on Blip.

[19:32] douglaswelch: I reocommend MPEG Streamclip for converting from tons of formats to others

[19:33] marylynn3: Ah…so what would be the next best format to convert to for video?

[19:33] douglaswelch: @marylynn I always use M4V for video podcasts

[19:33] douglaswelch: Here is a link to MPEG Streamclip – Free – Win/Mac –

[19:34] marylynn3: Wow, you rock Douglas!

[19:34] douglaswelch: I use it to take whatever video I have created, usually in MOV format and convert it to a nice, podcast ready, iTunes ready, iPod ready M4V file

[19:34] douglaswelch: I try to avoid AVI and others, but it isn’t always possible.

[19:35] douglaswelch: Another great feature is that they will serve up this high-quality M4V that I upload back out to all my podcast subscribers and also give me the easy0-to-use embded for folks who aren’t yet

[19:35] douglaswelch: subsrcibed to the podcast

[19:35] joliveroconnell: Thanks, Doug.  I’m taking notes!

[19:36] guest-14190 entered the room

[19:36] guest-14190 changed nickname to dus10anon

[19:36] douglaswelch: I will post the transcript of this chat to the blog and community site when we are done tonight, just as I did last time

[19:36] joliveroconnell: Oh, cool–I forgot about that.

[19:36] douglaswelch: That makes it a little easier, I hope

[19:37] douglaswelch: You can also select the entire chat and Copy it, then paste it into your word processor for your own copy

[19:38] joliveroconnell: Also not a bad idea.  I’m actually taking the pertinent parts and copying and pasting them into Notepad

[19:38] joliveroconnell: As we go

[19:38] douglaswelch: Also, in case I didn’t make it clear earlier, if you want to see what an social network site looks like check out the NMI community site

[19:38] marylynn3:  @joliveroconnell I was doing the same! I love notepad

[19:38] douglaswelch: Cool!

[19:39] douglaswelch: Copy/Paste might be old hat but it is one of the most useful things a computer can do. 🙂

[19:39] joliveroconnell: @Marilynn–me too!  It works so well, esp. if you don’t need formatting.

[19:40] douglaswelch: For an example “channel” you can look at mine at

[19:41] douglaswelch: You can also do some nice customizations on your YouTube channel page

[19:41] edbukont: i use notepad and copy/paste a lot when on the phone with someone

[19:41] douglaswelch: See

[19:41] douglaswelch: There is also an automated “log” functionality you can use in Notepad to date and time stamp, etc

[19:42] joliveroconnell: Wow!  I learned something new!

[19:42] edbukont: the F5 key inserts a time stamp

[19:42] douglaswelch: Oh, and let me put another plug in for which allows you to upload/describe/tag your videos once and distribute them to 10+ other video sites

[19:42] joliveroconnell: Cool.  In the Notepad file!

[19:43] edbukont: i think notepad is more useful than wordpad

[19:43] marylynn3: No way….that’s notepad info I never knew.

[19:43] douglaswelch: IIRC, if you put the text “.log” at the top of a file, it will stamp it each tim your open it

[19:43] douglaswelch: Something like that

[19:43] edbukont: if you do a lot of text editor type work for ascii programming, check out ultraedit

[19:43] joliveroconnell: WordPad is good if you need formatting

[19:43] douglaswelch: Ah, hot tea has arrived! Thanks Rosanne! 🙂

[19:43] joliveroconnell: I use it for my examiner articles

[19:44] joliveroconnell: Good woman

[19:44] marylynn3: Love your customized YouTube channel, Douglas. I just subscribed.

[19:44] douglaswelch: Cool! I saw that come through in an email notice just now

[19:44] edbukont: rosie has been doing a damn good job taking care of doug for something like 30 yrs now i think

[19:44] edbukont: hmmm lemme try this subscribe thing

[19:44] douglaswelch: A lot of my stuff is too long for YouTube, and I haven’t yet taken the time to manually split it into 10 min chunks

[19:45] douglaswelch: 23.5 years now 🙂

[19:45] marylynn3: I was just using jpg’s ….and simple text from a photo editor

[19:45] joliveroconnell: So they’ve been together since they were 10?

[19:45] edbukont: seems damn longer

[19:45] douglaswelch: Subscibe in YouTube is ok, but subscribing to a podcast automatically brings the content to your (the subscribers) coimputer and iPodm, ready to be played

[19:46] edbukont: wasnt it 1982 or 1983?

[19:46] edbukont: granted, married date was later

[19:46] douglaswelch: @Jennifer HA HA  HA Bless you my child. 1982, yep, at Bowling Green State University

[19:46] marylynn3: Wow, congrats!

[19:47] joliveroconnell: @rosanne lol

[19:47] douglaswelch: The fact is, you can podcast using your channel to get you started. They give you an RSS feed that also feeds out the original source M4V file. You can even submit that feed to the iTunes

[19:47] joliveroconnell: Well, you guys don’t look much older than me!

[19:47] joliveroconnell: So I figure you must be a child bride 😀

[19:48] douglaswelch: Podcast Directory with the special iTunes tags, artwork, etc

[19:48] edbukont: doug has never lost touch with his inner child

[19:48] douglaswelch: @edbukont That is a nice way of putting it! 🙂

[19:48] edbukont: doug, what do you think of itunes tagging for HD Radio, is it worth the effort

[19:48] joliveroconnell: Very nice!

[19:49] douglaswelch: @EdBukont I am not terribly familiar with HD Radio, but I say anything that attaches more data to the msuic is a good thing. Musicians need to give people every opportunity to find their web site and

[19:49] douglaswelch: more info.

[19:49] edbukont: the new wife says she is going to teach me how to have fun, so far we are up to jetskis at 65mph across a boat’s wak

[19:49] douglaswelch: @EdBulont Woo Hoo!

[19:49] georgestarcher: that sounds like youtube video material if I have heard it

[19:49] georgestarcher: lol

[19:50] joliveroconnell: Well, I will say goodnight all–Gotta be good to my man and feed him!

[19:50] douglaswelch: That rule goes for all of you, BTW, make sure each audio/viode/blog piece you put out has links back to your home blog, your home base

[19:50] edbukont: night jennifer

[19:50] marylynn3: goodnight!

[19:50] georgestarcher: night

[19:50] douglaswelch: Night Jennifer. Bring him along next time!

[19:51] douglaswelch: You want people to be able to find out more about you, buy your stuff, hire you as a consultant or an employee

[19:51] joliveroconnell: I will.  If I can pull him from!

[19:51] joliveroconnell: lol

[19:51] douglaswelch: Make New Media work for you!

[19:51] joliveroconnell: Good night all!  Thanks, Doug

[19:51] georgestarcher: LOL was that a macro Douglas?

[19:51] douglaswelch: No, George, but it should be! (SMILE)

[19:52] marylynn3: Watching the hawk on your channel. Way to capture it!

[19:52] georgestarcher: textexpander is your friend =)

[19:52] douglaswelch: BTW, if you have a YouTube Channel,, Blog whatever, Make sure you put it in your Community site Bio and the discussion groups.

[19:52] marylynn3: Is blip free?

[19:52] douglaswelch: @marylynn Yes, they have a premium service but I only use their free side

[19:53] douglaswelch: Free is my favorite word when it comes to New Media (and a lot of others things)

[19:53] marylynn3: Interesting. And you still use TubeMogul to push the video out to several locations?

[19:53] douglaswelch: @marylynn I haven’t had the need to use Tubemogul as much lately, but that is more to do with my busyness than anything else

[19:54] douglaswelch: The New Media Tips and my Career Tips, I usually try to push out using TubeMogul, though

[19:54] marylynn3: I hear ya. I really don’t know how you do it all 😉

[19:54] douglaswelch: Facebook uploads still ahve to be done seperatly though, which is a pain

[19:54] edbukont: i am trying to move from being the tech support hands on guy to being the consultant, i could use all the tips pos

[19:55] douglaswelch: @marylynn I do it one small step at a time. Part of the secret is simply capturing content when it presents itself i.e. The Hawk Video

[19:55] douglaswelch: @edbukont Yes, I am trying to move more and more to “above the desk” type of work rather than crawling under the desk plugging in stuff.

[19:56] douglaswelch: Getting a bit old for that. I ahve a new web site home page coming to reflect that change in my work, too

[19:56] edbukont: i try to subscribe to the youtube/dewelch and its says i have to confirm my email addy, where?

[19:56] douglaswelch: Hmmm…haven’t seen that before. It probably means you have to confirm you overall YouTube email address. When

[19:56] douglaswelch: you signed up fgor YouTube they sent you an email with a link to confirm that

[19:57] douglaswelch: There is probably a link in the message you just saw that will send you that confirmation link again

[19:57] douglaswelch: Most web sites these days will send you an initial email to confirm they have your correct email address when yousign up.

[19:58] marylynn3: Yeah to prevent scammers. Can you believe all the phishing DMs on Twitter?

[19:58] douglaswelch: So, we are rapidly approaching 8pm, our usual stopping time. Any more questions?

[19:58] edbukont: ah i see the issue,,,i setup youtube under a diffo email acct

[19:59] douglaswelch: @marylynn YEah, as long as there is money to be made in spamming/phishing there will be people doing it. Much like there will always be con men in the real world

[19:59] douglaswelch: @edbukont. Yeah, that happens. I had to  unravel a couple of accounts for a friend and fellow NMI member a few weeks ago. It can get confusing if you have more than one account or more than one email

[20:00] douglaswelch: ** The NMI Community site ( is our meeting and discussion place between these chats. Post your questions there I an other members will chime in with our best a

[20:00] douglaswelch: advice

[20:01] georgestarcher: I think this service is dropping messages

[20:01] georgestarcher: the conversation seems to jump oddly

[20:01] douglaswelch: ** The complete transcript of this chat will soon be available on the New Media Interchange blog and the community site.

[20:02] douglaswelch: Yeah, the flow seems a bit odd tonight, but that coul dbe just me jumping from question to question, too

[20:02] marylynn3: Nite all

[20:02] douglaswelch: Any last questions?

[20:02] edbukont: nope..thanks for the info doug,,,i shall visit again

[20:03] edbukont: and say hello to the family for me too

[20:03] georgestarcher: night everyone.

[20:03] douglaswelch: If not, I want to thank you all for coming tonight. Watch you email/Facebook/web sites for info on our next chat. It looks like we are falling into a 2-weeks pattern, alternating with my Career Chats

[20:03] douglaswelch: @EdBukont Rosanne has been following along in the chat. 🙂

[20:04] douglaswelch: Thanks again everyone and have a great night! See you next time!

[20:04] georgestarcher: bye!

[20:04] douglaswelch: Be well everyone!


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