New Media Interchange

Fabulous Find Fridays!

New Media Interchange is launching a new weekly online event — Fabulous Find Fridays!

Your goal is to find, and then share, your favorite bits of New Media from around the world. These can be small, individually produced YouTube videos or grand traditional productions that have found their way online. These can be audio, video, photos and blogs or anything else amazing you stumbled upon in your Internet travels.

The goal is to share the best New Media we find and give each other something to inspire us to strive to produce the most amazing work possible.

Each week I will create a Fabulous Finds Friday topic in the discussion section on the New Media Interchange Community site.

For videos, you should be able to embed them in your discussion group message. For audio and others, write a short summary and then link to the original item.

What neat New Media have you found this week? Share it this Friday on Fabulous Finds Friday!


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