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WordPress 2.9 upgrade fails on GoDaddy shared server(s)

(Update 12/19/2009 – 1341 PST – Received links on how to export and import database into new 5.0 version of the database. Working with some knowledgeable others to help me do the process.)

(Update 12/19/2009 – 1024 PST – Looks as if my main database is still in mySQL 4.0 format although GoDaddy support 5.0. Probably never had need to upgrade DB since I moved there. Support email sent in on how to upgrade database)

Hmmm. Upgrading your WordPress installations is typically a part of good system management, but when trying to install the latest version of WordPress 2.9 this morning I received the following error.

Upgrade WordPress
Downloading update from

Unpacking the update.

The update cannot be installed because WordPress 2.9 requires MySQL version 4.1.2 or higher. You are running version 4.0.27.

Installation Failed

I am not sure if this effects all of GoDaddy’s shared servers or just mine, but it could effect a lot of people if their default install of mySQL is this version.

What are you experiencing with WordPress 2.9 installs on shared servers?


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  2. […] WordPress 2.9 upgrade fails on GoDaddy shared server(s) […]

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