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Friends in Tech present A Geek Christmas Story

I have been a member of Friends in Tech, a technology podcasting group, for years and each year we put together several holiday specials specifically for our “Geek-minded” listeners. This year we produced a geekified parody of “A Christmas Story”.

Over the years we have developed a workflow that allows everyone to record their parts separately and then several members, acting as the editors, assemble the final production with music and sound effects. This allows us to put together a complete presentation in just a few weeks, even though we are scattered all over the country.

We also bring in special guest voices from the podcasting community to “share the love” among our fellow new media producers. If you are looking for a project for your group, an audio play can be a great place to start. It energizes your people and also reaches out to the community to increase your visibility. — Douglas

Listen to A Geek Christmas Story

“Mattie Stevens, a young boy of the early 80’s, dreams of owning a Commodore 64. He sets out to convince everyone this is the perfect gift. But, along the way runs into opposition from his parents and everyone around him including old Santa Claus”

Written By:
Kreg Steppe
and Douglas E. Welch

Produced By:
George Starcher
Typical Mac User Podcast
Victor Cajiao – Typical Mac User PodcastTypical Shutterbug Podcast
Steve Holden – Tech News Radio Jersey Boys

Cast of Players:

Narrator: Kreg SteppeTechnorama

Harvey Stevens: Dad – Kevin Devin

Mandy Stevens: Mom – Susie Murph – How to Grow your Geek Podcast

Mattie Stevens: Son – Daniel Devin

Sandy Stevens: Little Brother – Spencer Holden

Curtz Eisenberg: Friend to Mattie – Harrison Steppe

General Beringer: General – Douglas E. Welch

Lieutenant: Steve Holden – Tech News Radio

Mrs. Little: Katie Floyd – Mac Power Users Podcast

Santa’s Helper: Chuck Tomasi –

Santa: Larry Pesce – Podcast

Judge: Victor Cajiao – Typical Mac User PodcastTypical Shutterbug Podcast

Andrew Carnagie: Andy Helsby – Absoblogginlutely!

J.P. Morgan: Grant Bichocco –

UPS Guy: Paul Asadoorian- Podcast

Skipper: Rylie Starcher

Tip of the Hat to the old Christmas Commodore 64 Demo

Previous FiT Holiday Specials:

This has been a Friends in Tech Production.


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