New Media Interchange

Top 11 Posts from New Media Interchange for 2009

Here is a list of the top 11 New Media Interchange posts for 2009

  1. What’s the differences between a Facebook Group and Fan Page
  2. Video: SteadyStick CamCorder Stabilizer
  3. Recently Shared: DIY Camera Stabilizer
  4. Twitter Software and more! – New Media Answers 015
  5. New: Zoom Q3: Flip Video-type camera with better audio
  6. In The Field with Tracy Pattin- New Media and Social Media Travels Around LA
  7. In The Field….At PresentationCampLA
    In The Field… At The Writer’s Guild of America
  8. News: Where your favorite actress could end up next: YouTube
  9. In The Field…Another Great Evening of Idea Pitching
  10. Video: Izzy Video 110 – The Rule of Thirds
  11. Video: New Media Answers 012 – Facebook
    Event: “From Camera to YouTube” – A Workshop


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