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New Media Chat Transcript for January 6, 2010

This is a transcript of our latest New Media Chat, held online on January 6, 2010.

douglaswelch: Welcome everyone to this week’s New Media Chat, brought to you by and
douglaswelch: If you like, you can see my shining face on my webcam at
junglejenny: I see the blue glare in your specs too!
douglaswelch: The conversation continues 24/7 on the New Media Interchange Community site at
douglaswelch: Welcome all!
douglaswelch: Ah yes. One of the disadvantages of using a built in web cam when you have glasses. The screen reflects badly in them
tracypattin: Always a problem I find
douglaswelch: There were a couple of interesting topics that came up in our pre-show discussion, so why don
douglaswelch: don’t we start there.
douglaswelch: One question I have for George is his experience with his newly purchased Kodak Zi8
junglejenny: What is it and why do you use it?
georgestarcher: It is a HD video camera.  About $180 from Amazon.  it can shot 720p at 30 frames, 720p and 60 frames.  and 1080p at 30 f
tracypattin: Better and as easy as the Flip?
georgestarcher: it uses SD memory cards. can take up to 32GB cards
georgestarcher: it is a competitor to the flip. the big plus is that it has a stereo mic in
junglejenny: how long can you record with 32gb?
douglaswelch: One feature I esepcially like is its external mic input so you coul duse it with a shotgun mic or wireless mics
georgestarcher: 8GB at 1080 will give you about an hour
junglejenny: Do you recommend 1080 and why?
georgestarcher: yup.  or you could use dual mono mics into a mono to stereo adapter to record two mics
douglaswelch: Do you have any example video up from the camera yet, George?
guest-23538 entered the room
guest-23538 changed nickname to guest776876876
georgestarcher: no not yet from me.   but there is other good examples.
georgestarcher: He really covers the camera well and has used it well
douglaswelch: Very cool. We should get a link to the video into the community site and perhaps the blog
junglejenny: How to make greek coffee?
georgestarcher: here is a clickable link
douglaswelch: I see some sample footage listed in the sidebar of his page. Look for Kodak Zi8.
douglaswelch: What are your plans for the camera, George? What types of things are you looking to record with it?
guest-23703 entered the room
georgestarcher: interviews.  make some video for some other folks, record some meetings for a professional association I am in
guest-23703 changed nickname to rosanne
georgestarcher: maybe product reviews etc
junglejenny: Is this HD?
georgestarcher: Is the camera hd?
junglejenny: yes
georgestarcher: or Stammy’s video
junglejenny: the kodak zi8
georgestarcher: yes as I mentioned it can record at 720 and 1080
douglaswelch: I think that having a portable, pocket camera to use is a great way to capture content that might otherwise
douglaswelch: slip by
douglaswelch: 720 and 1080 are the number of pixels in height of the captured videoa
junglejenny: 720 and 1080 is considered HD in techy terms?
douglaswelch: I assume it is 1080i interlaced and not 1080p  (Progressive)?
georgestarcher: no both are p
georgestarcher: which is better
douglaswelch: For every else, Progressive should produce a better picuture as it uses the entire frame for each frame grabbed
georgestarcher: But facebook will only accept 720 HD and youtube can accept 1080 HD
junglejenny: good to know
douglaswelch: unlike a TV or 1080i which grabs alternating field,s half the lines of the screen, each frame
douglaswelch: That is a nutshell description, but P is more like a computer monitor, I more like a TV
douglaswelch: Just as a little poll, what cameras do each of you have to capture video?
tracypattin: Flip
douglaswelch: In my case, I have a Kodak Digital Still Camera, an older Digital 8 camcorder and now my new Flip Mino HD, which does 720 HD video
georgestarcher: I have the kodak and my iphone.  I put my iphone in my owle bubo chassis
junglejenny: iphone too
douglaswelch: Ah yes, forgot my iPhone
junglejenny: haven’t used my iphone yet
douglaswelch: I did stream som video of us playing Christmas Light Hero on New Year’s Eve with that
junglejenny: Do you like the quality?
douglaswelch: @Jen The uStream App allows recording and streaming of video on the iPhone
georgestarcher: the owle helps the quality a lot due to the lens on it
junglejenny: I need to get that application.
douglaswelch: Quality on the iPhone 3G is meh, 3GS is better, but I think it is more of a “hey I caught this video” then anything you would want
douglaswelch: to use on a regular basis
georgestarcher: and I can attach a light like the one I linked earlier to the owle
georgestarcher: A real good site with a great tour of the owle is
douglaswelch: Cool George
douglaswelch: I saw, and posted to the Careers in New Media blog about some lenses that attach to the Flip for better video, too
junglejenny: I’ll check it out.
douglaswelch: Also, streaming and recording apps for the iPhone
douglaswelch: Qik Live (streaming) –
junglejenny: same app?
douglaswelch: Different apps for different phones
douglaswelch: The 3gs has a better camera and “officially” support video recording. The 3G does not
junglejenny: it wouldn’t open the 3G
junglejenny: link, that is.
junglejenny: i got it
douglaswelch: You may need to select, cut and paste the link. make sure you get the whole thing
junglejenny: thanks, D
douglaswelch: All those links open in iTunes BTW
junglejenny: I see, that’s neat.
douglaswelch: I did 2 videos over Christmas with the new Flip Mino. Joe got a little close and shaky in his camera work, but you can get an idea of the quality of the unit under fairly low light sitiuations
douglaswelch: See
douglaswelch: I know that Tracy records her show with the original Flip and you can see that show over at
douglaswelch: It is nice to have so much video out there where you can get a really good idea of
tracypattin: thanks for the plug Doug! I’m trying to keep up here…
douglaswelch: the qualities of various cameras
junglejenny: your rockin, hey, I see automator on george’s youtube channel, what’s that?
georgestarcher: built in feature of Mac OSX
douglaswelch: Is that the Mac Automator George?
georgestarcher: for automating certain tasks
georgestarcher: that video shows me using it to set mp3 show tags for podcast production
douglaswelch: George has a lot of good, sometimes very techy, videos on various parts of audio and video production
georgestarcher: tedious and repetative tasks
junglejenny: does it tell the coffee maker to automatically make coffee
douglaswelch: He recently upload several of them to the NMI Community Site
douglaswelch: @jen, what you don’t have a coffee maker with a timer? Shame on you ! (LAUGH)
junglejenny: I need good tips on audio and video
douglaswelch: On a slightly different, yet New Media note…
douglaswelch: I was talking with Jennifer about some issues with her WordPress blog and it reminded me
junglejenny: oh yes
douglaswelch: to tell all of you….you MUST keep your WordPress software, and you WordPress
douglaswelch: plugins updated.
douglaswelch: Older versions can have bugs OR, even worse, be hacked.
junglejenny: can they be automatically update?
douglaswelch: If you see the little red badges next to your plugins menu or see the “Upgrade to WordPress X.X.X” message,
douglaswelch: try to get that done as soon as you can
georgestarcher: You can use the one click auto update but you have to click it
junglejenny: I did, thanks
douglaswelch: Yes, the autoupdate for both WordPress and plugins works very well
junglejenny: what about plugins I have that are not activated?  Should I delete them?
douglaswelch: It takes just a few minutes and one or two clicks to update them.
georgestarcher: i would remove them if you are not going to use them
douglaswelch: If you aren’t using a plugin, yes, get rid of them
georgestarcher: prevents chance of them being exploited
junglejenny: OK, if you say so.
douglaswelch: They just clutter up things and could provide a vector for hacking
douglaswelch: …like George said… (LAUGH)
junglejenny: I did get a video box up, BTW
douglaswelch: Good. Sorry I ran out of time that night
junglejenny: OMG, the time you gave me was more than expected
douglaswelch: Any questions out there? Just let them fly!
junglejenny: So I need Evo Cam software for my mac?
douglaswelch: Meeting with Susan (another of our New Media Mastermind members) on Monday to
georgestarcher: what do you want to do with it?
douglaswelch: set up her podcast and solve some issues for her
junglejenny: I have issues?
junglejenny: 🙂
douglaswelch: Evocam is a very specific use program
junglejenny: yes, start podcasting.
junglejenny: Do you use it?
douglaswelch: It is somewhat old school as it focuses on still picture web cams, but I also use it to make timelapse movies
georgestarcher: if you want to overlay on video and say send that to ustream use camtwist
douglaswelch: These days webcams are kinda pass. Most people do video, etc
douglaswelch: Ah, no for that you want a progam like CamTwist for the Mac or ManyCam for the PC
douglaswelch: Thes take any video feed, apply effects, text and graphics live  and then send it out to
douglaswelch: uStream and other video streaming sites
douglaswelch: uStream has some basic titling tools built in too
junglejenny: So I should just use ustream?
douglaswelch: Camtwist has greatly expanded its tools lately. It is almost a complete TV switching environment
douglaswelch: that allows for multiple cameras etc. Camtwist has more features than the built-in uStream one
georgestarcher: If you want to get hardcore into switched video etc there is boinxtv for mac
douglaswelch: Do you have a URL for that George?
junglejenny: interesting
junglejenny: this is a cool site
douglaswelch: Thanks
douglaswelch: BTW, here is an Amazon link for the Flip Mino HD –
douglaswelch: We were talking in the pre-show about doing Skype video interviews and Camtwist and these others
douglaswelch: could be used to combine your camera and the video from Skype into a Picture-in-Picture that you could stream out
junglejenny: Yes, very interested in interviewing people via internet and using it for my show
douglaswelch: You are getting fancy, but it should work
junglejenny: fancy is the key and staying ahead of the pack, right?
douglaswelch: On the low tech side, I saw Brian Shaler out of Phoenix simply place a laptop next to him on camera
douglaswelch: and then just shoot both he and screen with his camcorder to streamto uStream. Sometimes
douglaswelch: low-tech is what gets the job done.
douglaswelch: Didn’t look or sound bad either
junglejenny: interesting.
douglaswelch: I want to try something like that sometime and see how it works
junglejenny: let’s try it out!
douglaswelch: II can run the audio from the Skype call into my mixer and cross mic with my audio so it
douglaswelch: would sound pretty good too
junglejenny: You’re so smart
guest-25150 entered the room
douglaswelch: Maybe I should interview you Jen, using that method, for the NMI blog, That would create
douglaswelch: some content AND help us test out the various concepts
junglejenny: sounds like a plan
douglaswelch: Any questions Tracy?
junglejenny: I have one, are you still there?
junglejenny: Tracy?
douglaswelch: Someone tell her to stop wathcing Bones over there? (LAUGH)
tracypattin: Yes, I”m here
douglaswelch: Nah, must have lost her to other projects. I need to find a site that reads out the chat as
junglejenny: Must be a good episode
douglaswelch: audio for her, so she can listen while we chat
douglaswelch: I kid. She is probably neck deep in some project, like all of us
junglejenny: is there a program that coverts text into audio for chats?
tracypattin: I’m trying to keep up with all the heavy geek discussion! But I love it
douglaswelch: This is also why I post the transcripts after each chat
douglaswelch: Yes, there are several programs that do that
junglejenny: She has emerge, like a butterfly
douglaswelch: I don’t find it very enjoayable to listen too, but you can do it.
tracypattin: I LOVE butterflys and lady bugs
junglejenny: Ha!  I LOVE them too.  You should see my collection
tracypattin: Live or ….
douglaswelch: The built-in Apple speech tech will do it. Open TextEdit, past in the transript and select Edit, Speech, Start Speaking
junglejenny: Not live..
tracypattin: boo hoo
junglejenny: the conversion would be good for training I would think (the software)
douglaswelch: That reminds me, the Wild Things LA bird store on Woodman in Sherman Oaks/Studio City has a butterfly habit with living bugs
junglejenny: for REAL?
douglaswelch: Might be an interesting shoot for some video content
douglaswelch: Yes, for real
junglejenny: For sure!!!!
douglaswelch: I was over buying some birdfeeders the other day
tracypattin: perhaps a u-Stream event
douglaswelch: Don’t think they have WiFi, but I could use my iPhone, I guess 🙂
douglaswelch: Oh, before I forget, take a moment and drop the URL to your blogs, shows, videos, in the chat so that
tracypattin: We need to do a u-stream field trip event….that would be the best way to learn
douglaswelch: readers of the transcript can see what you are working on
junglejenny: Perhaps, I’ll be the host and we can interview the people there
tracypattin: and interview the butterflys
tracypattin: I’ll translate
douglaswelch: Ha ha
junglejenny: Ha, no the care takers, silly
tracypattin: Yea, I know
douglaswelch: My web with links to everything I do:
junglejenny: But they make have all the metamorphorsis stages, etc
junglejenny: MAY HAVE I mean.
douglaswelch: I saw chyrsalis and adults, so there must be some larvae in there somwhere
tracypattin: love the low tech talk!!
junglejenny: Good educational video, let’s do field trip
tracypattin: I’m in..
junglejenny: How about it George?
georgestarcher: LOL I am way over in TN
tracypattin: Ahhh, hop on a low tech plane…
junglejenny: OH……I’ll give you a shout out on the video for you
douglaswelch: Ha
georgestarcher: =)
douglaswelch: Ok, everyone paste your URLs in here everyone
douglaswelch: before we forget
junglejenny: Do we like .ORG?
douglaswelch: Works for me
tracypattin: SizzleCaster.oom,,….just an internet whore…Oops sorry
douglaswelch: Ha ha
douglaswelch: Nah, you are like me with WAAAAAAAAAY to many interests
tracypattin: indeed
douglaswelch: You need
rosanne: Before I say Hi and Bye in one pass…
tracypattin: I have it…VO career website
junglejenny: Many interests is good as long as we stay focused on one or 2 seriously, right?
tracypattin: Bye Rosanne!
rosanne: I’ll post the URL for Written By Magazine – the magazine of the Writers Guild.
junglejenny: Hi Rosanne!
tracypattin: Yes, the focus issue is front and center
rosanne: The last two issues had lots ot do with Internet Freedom and internet writing.
douglaswelch: I find that I need a holding place for each interest as they don’t overlap much
douglaswelch: I then use those to capture whatever comes my way. I think once you have a place to
tracypattin: That would be a great topic for New Media Tea Time when you re-guest…
douglaswelch: put things, you are more likely to capture stuff
douglaswelch: Yes, we touched on that briefly when we talked about vs.
tracypattin: Good plan
douglaswelch: The fact that I have waaaay to many blogs, but each serves there individual purpose
douglaswelch: Rosanne, wasn’t there another WrittenBY story recently that had to do with the Internet and New Media?
tracypattin: I think you should create software that does that Doug.
douglaswelch: Create software for what? I missed the connection, sorry.
junglejenny: Ha!
junglejenny: There wasn’t one.
douglaswelch: BTW, the Consumer Electronics Show is happening this week in Las Vegas so there is a lot of
douglaswelch: New Media news coming out. I am highlighting the items I find interesting
junglejenny: good to know.  Thanks for highlighting
douglaswelch: in the New Media Tips Tiwtter feed ( and in my Google Shared items.
junglejenny: Field Trip in Jan or Feb?
tracypattin: Count me in..
georgestarcher: you misspelled twitter
douglaswelch: Arg
douglaswelch: Never fails
junglejenny: Thank you Doug for another great media chat!
tracypattin: Thanks Doug! Great as always
douglaswelch: Here is a cut and paste so no typos –
junglejenny: Are we friends with george on fb?
douglaswelch: Google Reader Shared Items at
douglaswelch: I think I follow George on Facebook. He is also a fellow member of Friends in Tech (, our small podcasting group
douglaswelch: Thank you all for coming tonight
junglejenny: I already sent a request, I’m quick like that
douglaswelch: Remember the conversation continues 24/7 on the New Media Interchange Community site at
junglejenny: Thank you D!
douglaswelch: Post your questions and comments, share video and audio and get notification of events like this New Media Chat
douglaswelch: For more information on me, visit
douglaswelch: The New Media Interchange blog is located at and you can email to
junglejenny: Have a wonderful evening everyone, Bye-Bye!
georgestarcher: Night
douglaswelch: Thanks everyone once again. Be well and we will see you in 2 weeks for our next chat
junglejenny: Can’t wait
douglaswelch: Tell your friends, family, co-workers, everyone who might be interested and have them join us!
douglaswelch: Tonight’s transcript will be posted in a little while on the blog and the community site.
tracypattin: Thanks Doug!
douglaswelch: Night all!

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