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VoiceRegistry Podcast: Douglas speaks on New Media/Social Media Strategies for Voice Actors

NMI Member, Tracy Pattin, interviews Douglas E. Welch on social media and new media

I appear today on the VoiceRegistry podcast, speaking on social media and new media. The interview will appear in 2 parts — linked below.

Podcast-New Media/Social Media Strategies for Voice Actors
Doug Welch pictureDouglas E. Welch is a New Media/Social Media Consultant and pioneer podcaster.

His early work in the theater prepared him well for a life of speaking and teaching about technology, computers and New Media and the amazing benefits they bring into our lives. Douglas spent 5 years at Walt Disney Imagineering, but eventually struck out on his own and has been working as a freelance consultant for almost 15 years. Douglas is also the founder of New Media Interchange (, a free group dedicated to bringing the power of New Media to everyone. You can find links to all of Douglas’ projects on

Listen to Part 1

Listen to Part 2


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