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Changes at New Media Interchange

As we approach the shutdown of our Ning-based community site (due to changes at Ning), I want to assure you that this isn’t the end of New Media Interchange. There is still the NMI Blog, the NMI Mailing List and our page on Facebook. Please feel free to continue to use any or all of these to communicate with myself or your fellow NMI members.

What is New Media Interchange all about?

Most importantly, at this time I want to reiterate what New Media Interchange is all about. Here in Los Angeles, and throughout the world, who have something to say…and New Media is an important way to say it.

Regardless of the business and monetization issues of new media, there is an inherent desire and need to create…and to share that creation with others. It has always been my desire to help as many people as possible to create their own, unique new media. It matters little that our creations are rough or imperfect. It is more important that we “do” – that we create. Skills can and will be gained over time, but action, and the momentum gained from taking those first steps, mean much more. If we can’t begin – if we can’t start – it matters little what our new media dreams might be. They will never be achieved without the first, small, step.

Unlike many groups, New Media Interchange is designed to not just put information into your head, but to also get information into your hands – information that moves you to create new media, whatever your interests. Nothing makes me happier that seeing someone take the information from NMI sites, meetings and community and turn it into something tangible and special. I want to see you creating and also see your creations. That makes any and all the work I put into NMI time well spent.

YOU are the most important part!

That said, you are the most important part of New Media Interchange. You need to tell me what you want from this group. You need to tell me what you need in order to get your creations off the ground. While I can think of many presentations to give, blog posts to write and email to send, I want to focus on the knowledge, skills and encouragement you need most. I need you to tell me, and your fellow NMI members, what will be most useful to you. Then, together, we can make it happen.

To that end, please post your questions and comments to any of the sites mentioned above. This is your direct line to the new media information you need. It has often been said, “All of us are smarter than one of us” and I truly believe that. Together we can accomplish many things.

I am ready to help and so are your fellow members.

What do you need?

How can we help?

Let us know!

Douglas E. Welch
Founder, New Media Interchange


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