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Not every video needs to look the same as every other

Sometimes it is entirely too easy to believe that every video you produce must look like every other video on the Net. It has to be something stupid, it has to look exactly like mainstream TV, it has to have a presenter, it has to “mean” something, it has to look like every other video on the Net.

While you might want to make videos like take the standard form of interview, music video or silly clip, sometimes it pays to stretch yourself and do something entirely different. One type of video I create regularly is something I call and “environmental” video. This has nothing to do with sustainability and saving the planet. Rather, they are designed to give you the feeling of what it might be like to be in the environment, just for few minutes.

Sometimes these videos have several cuts from different angles and sometimes, like the video linked below, they have only one static shot with natural sound and some background music. While these videos certainly aren’t for everyone, I hope they show you that every video on the net need look like every other video. Experiment with different themes, different styles, different views of even the most common object and you will be surprised at what you get.

Download “Santa Barbara Palm Trees – iPod Ready Video


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  1. Markus Sandy says:

    Videos like this are especially meaningful if we have a personal connection with the subject. I lived in Santa Barbara and so this is special to me. Sometimes the videos are about everyday objects, but with an interesting POV.

    Here is one of my favorites from Jay Dedman

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