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Question: Video podcasting file formats and more via Twitter

I had this excellent discussion regarding video formats and more for podcasting today. There is some good info here and I wanted to share it with all of you.

If you have New Media questions, feel free to ask them via Twitter, Email, Facebook or whatever other method you prefer.

douglaswelch @braindouche What video podcasting shop do you need talked? 🙂 Just saw your Tweet now

braindouche @douglaswelch distribution formats and codecs! What the heck sort of file final file should I be distributing for maximum compatibility?

braindouche @douglaswelch distribution formats and codecs! What the heck sort of file final file should I be distributing for maximum compatibility?

douglaswelch @braindouche I find m4v/mp4 and 1-touch FLV players to cover most viewers. They can also be used as source for YouTube, etc.

braindouche @douglaswelch what’s the difference between an m4v and and mp4?

douglaswelch @braindouche Both are MPEG4, but m4v defaults to opening in iTunes. I believe you can use either extension without any issues

braindouche @douglaswelch and those come out of the business end of quicktiime, right?

douglaswelch @braindouche Most/All video editors have the ability to output these files. I use iMovie or Final Cut Express to produce my videos

douglaswelch @braindouche Flip cameras now record in mp4 format now, too.

braindouche @douglaswelch I’m using Windows Movie Maker and some footage #grins

douglaswelch @braindouche I find WinMOvMaker to be singularly horrible, unfortunatly. Only outputs AVI/WMV, I believe, BUT….

douglaswelch @braindouche …MPEG Streamclip can convert to/from most anything and does a good job, so you can still make MP4 vid for final release.

douglaswelch @braindouche MPEG Streamclip (Win/Mac) – I use it for final conversion on almost everything I do.

braindouche @douglaswelch oh, it’s totally terrible, but the tackiness and ubiquity really serves my purposes. Also? I’m a cheapskate.

douglaswelch @braindouche I understand being “Cheap”. As you grow, look into Adobe Premiere as a step up in capabilities.

douglaswelch @braindouche Adobe Premiere Elements ~$90 – [Amazon Link]

braindouche @douglaswelch Oh cool, I’ll try streamclip. should I go stable or beta?

douglaswelch @braindouche Stable is best. No need to burden yourself with a Beta

braindouche @douglaswelch never hurts to ask. thanks!

braindouche @douglaswelch so you’re saying I have no choice but to be completely hooked to video production now that I’ve started dabbling.

douglaswelch @braindouche Nah, just offering you a “step up” should you decide to take things further. I do mainly audio myself, with occasional video

braindouche @douglaswelch aww. i was sort of looking forward to the inevitable collapse into madness and … demuxing. #noideawhatiamtalkingabout

douglaswelch @braindouche Well, you are already a podcaster, so the decent in madness has already begun/completed! (LAUGH)


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