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Planning for January Meeting – Interviews

As part of my end-of-year planning I am looking to put together a few New Media Interchange meetings in 2011.

The first idea that jumped to mind was…

Interviews: The Verbal and The Visual

I find that interviews are a great way for New Media producers to start producing their own shows. They allow you to spread word of your show via your interviewees connections instead of asking for mailing lists and such. It also makes it easier on producers as they don’t feel they have to have ALL the content for a given show. They can supplement their own content with the knowledge of their guests.

This meeting would include demonstrations on how to set up video shots, audio recording and the various ways you can format an interview ie interviewer on-screen/off-screen, using the questions in the video or allowing the interviewee to speak for themselves, etc.

Interested? Watch the New Media Interchange web site for scheduling information.

Tell your friends and colleagues. Direct them to the New Media Interchange Mailing list or the NMI Facebook Page


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