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Super Happy Vlog House – This Saturday – Ojai, CA

SHVH Update for Saturday Jan 22, 2011

Here’s an update of schedule and activies for this Saturday’s Super Happy Vlog House.

This is an open and free event where we learn, share and play with web video, blogs and the like. Come and geek out for the day at the beautiful Ojai Digital Dojo with others who are passionate about making video. All levels are welcome, beginners to experts.

There are both scheduled and unstructured activities. Feel free to come for the whole day or just the parts that interest you and fit into your schedule. Drop-in’s are welcome.

Likely Activities (it’s up to you what we do):

  • 8am – Jim Joseph‘s coffee and morning geek talk.  Jim makes the best coffee. Truly.
  • 9am – Alicia’s Ojai Guest House breakfast for those who stay over Friday night or come early on Saturday.  Fresh eggs from our chickens. UPDATE: belgium waffles!
  • 10am – Welcome and introductions. Self organize the day’s activities.
  • 11am – What’s new with HTML5 video? Lots of fun examples.
  • Noon – Pot luck lunch and BBQ, hot dogs (beef or vegie), sausages, burgers.
  • 1pm – How to add fun video-related features to your web pages using HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery.
  • 2pm – Meet the vloggers. Jim Joseph, Chris Ritke and Tyler Suchmann. Chris will be sharing his experiences making the Ojai Artists Video and Jim will be leading a demonstration around ball room dancing music. UPDATE: Social media pioneerDouglas E. Welch said he’s hoping to join us!
  • 3pm – Internet Archive Cleanup Day – A tour of the Internet Archive, new features and a call to action.
  • 3:30pm 4pm – Vlog walk. Join us for a video walk and visit with local vlogger friends like artist Uta Ritke, plus a stop for a snack or tasty beverage in Meiners Oaks.
  • 5pm – Dinner, pot luck. Tri-tip, chicken, pulled pork, fried rice, beans, salad.
  • 6pm – Open video and web clinic. Get help with your projects; collaborate with others.  Edit and post that cool video you shot today.
  • 7pm – Next to Heaven: vlog screenings. Whiskey and cigars, ports and chocolate.

This is a free event. We’ll organize some sort of pot luck lunch and dinner; please bring something or toss a few bucks into the kitty if you can. This is an adult friendly event with wine, beer and frank discussions. Children are welcome if accompanied by an adult.

For additional information, please leave a comment, email or call 805-798-0436.

Overnighters are welcome. First come, first serve on rooms, beds, couches and the RV. Pleanty of room for camping if that is your style and weather permits.

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  1. Markus Sandy says:

    Thanks for the repost Douglas! It looks like beautiful weather this weekend. We have both indoor and outdoor spaces for people to play. There are some structured activities for those who like to know what to expect, but there’s also plenty of room for people to just hang out, network and collaborate.

    There’s still two free rooms available at the Ojai Guest House for anyone who wants to come up Friday or stay over Saturday night.

    Also, for those with partners who don’t care to geek out, there are lots of fun activities nearby, from hiking to shopping, from spas to galleries. Check out the Ojai Post for more info and links. Here’s a post from one of our vlogger friends, Chris Ritke, who will be discussing the production of this video and his plans for a larger project that goes cross-country.

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