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Interested in an Ojai New Media Retreat?

New Media Interchange has an opportunity to hold a unconference retreat in Ojai, California and I wanted to see if there is interest in such an event. Possible dates in my mind include late spring to early summer this year.

I imagine a day-long event featuring new media presentations, new media screenings, group discussions and even some time to create audio and video shows on the spot.

Some possible sessions I can foresee:

  • Getting the most of YouTube
  • Using
  • Podcasting 101 – Getting Started
  • Camera and audio recorder selection – Which is best for you and your project?
  • Beginning WordPress
  • Lighting for New Media
  • Audio for New Media
  • Facebook Pages – Setup and use
  • Live streaming your show or event

The location is an amazing site with areas for presentations and breakout group sessions set in a rural area surrounded by orange groves and gardens. There is a kitchen space and grill area for potluck/sponsored lunch and dinner. Wifi, video projection and PA are available.

Interested? Email .



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