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Video: Crazy Downhill Urban Bike Race Caught On Helmet Cam

Are your sharing your most exciting moments on video? They don’t have to be as exciting as this crazy run in a Chilean bike race, but they should be exciting to you. Are you capturing video at your event, no matter how large are small? Are you sharing what it feels like to be at your event for those who can’t be there in person? Don’t underestimate the power of video to move people to excitement, action or even disgust, when needed.

Sharing video, no matter how basic, creates and bond and starts a conversation. This video gave me a feeling of what it is like to careen down that course. I even shouted out a few times as the rider left a ramp without being able to see the landing. Sure, it would have been really cool to be there, but this video gave me a chance to experience something I will probably never do in person. How cool is that?


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