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New G+ for NMI

For those of you who are finding Google+ more of their home base these days, I set up a New Media Interchange page for discussion and posting of hints, tips and other items.

Gplus nmi


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New Media Tips – Recent Items

Here is a collection of New Media Tips recently published on the @newmediatips Twitter feed.

  • [Tip] Take every opportunity to prune people you follow. Follow those who bring value into your life in some way. Unfollow the rest.
  • [Tip] For best video results, record separate close-up audio and sync in post production. Greatly improves overall production
  • [Tip] What are you an expert in? Everyone with one more piece of knowledge or one more experience than others IS an expert. Use it!
  • Want to know what’s “new” about New Media. It’s you! You control media and not vice versa. We have been given power. Time to use it!
  • [Tip] Sometimes the best “show” is simply talking with someone who has something important or interesting to say. Need not be big, just cool
  • [Tip] The longer pictures or video stay in your camera, the less likely you are to ever doing something with them. Share it or lose it!
  • Booklet: Social Media Self Preservation by Douglas E. Welch – – Kindle format for any Win/Mac/Android/iPhone/iPad
  • [Tip] Short videos, long videos, whatever. Shows and segments find their own length. Don’t lock in to 15/30/60 limits. Think 3/6/22 or diff
  • [Tip] Lots to think about when shooting video – light, sound, camera, words, noise – Take them one by one before you start to do well.
  • [Tip] Looking for great topics to blog/video blog about. Propogate Google Reader, check out, gather input from from all over
  • [Tip] Great content comes from great conversations. Cultivate them. Seek them out. Capture them. Write them down. Record them.
  • [Tip] Every person you follow on social media sites needs to provide value in the form of entertainment, information or enlightenment.
  • [Tip] Placing your new media show on mainstream media might not be the best goal for you or your show. Maintain control and direct income.
  • [Tip] Make a show you would be interested in watching and the audience will find you. Chasing a “market” is riskier and less rewarding
  • [Tip] Zoom H1 is an affordable, yet highly effective New Media recording tool. Use built-in or external mics. – 
  • [Tip] Shooting video of yourself, by yourself? Make sure video camera has reversible screen to monitor framing and angle.
  • [Tip] Turn a camera on the world so that others cannot deny the reality that exists. A mirror reflects, but a camera delves.
  • [Tip] Smartphones are excellent New Media “studios”. Carry yours always…and use it a lot. You never know what you might capture.
  • [TIp] Lavaliere mics – wired or wireless – can improve your audio recording dramatically – Examples from Amazon –
  • [Tip] I probably wouldn’t solely use YouTube’s new editing features, but they are certainly worth checking out. Try out on your videos
  • [Tip] Tonight (Halloween) is a great night for experimenting with your New Media tools. Don’t need an excuse be take photos or shoot video
  • [Tip] Timelapse photography can illustrate projects and events in a fun and interesting way. Use it in your next project.
  • [Tip] Cultivate a spouse or friend to help you shoot by being the “camera operator.” It makes a world of difference.
  • [Tip] Look at something really closely — now closer — what does it reveal to you that you don’t see further away? – No record that feeling
  • [Tip] Video compression can have trouble dealing with complex backgrounds i.e moving leaves. Try a simpler background for better results.

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