New Media Interchange

New Media Challenge 2012-002 – Get close!


Are you ready for the next New Media Challenge? This time I want you to get close…really close!

This might take some doing depending on your camera, as they often don’t focus on very close objects, but I am sure you can work it out. Of course, getting close can mean something else entirely, too. Feel free to explore the theme in any way you wish.

Post  a link to your video, photos, writing or more here by Sunday, January 22, 2012.

Use the comments link (click the number next to the little text bubble above) to add a link to this post.

Note: If you simply paste a YouTube URL for your video, will embed the actual video in its place.

New Media Challenges are designed to give you an excuse to stretch your New Media muscles. You can use whatever media you like to complete the challenge including audio, video, photography, writing and more.


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