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Audio: Reaching Across the Distance – Love Letters for Valentine’s Day 2012


A recording of our live show from February 12, 2012…
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Reaching Across the Distance –
Love Letters for Valentine’s Day 2012

A Live look at Love Letters and Poems Through History
– Reaching Across the Distance
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Love letters can reveal the true personality

of the individual that puts pen to paper.

Love letters can bridge time and place.
And they come in many different forms. 

Sometimes a love letter offers the love of a friend

and reaches across desolation
to bring the recipient back to the world of the hopeful.
Sometimes the loss a letter conveys is unexpected.
A few words can bring the reality of home
across an ocean
to a distant battlefield. 

The love can be written between the lines.

Some love letters are the trumpets that herald

the return of their author.
These letters leap across time and miles
to escort in the future.  

Do something different this Valentine’s Day,

reach across the distance 
with a love letter written in your hand,
speaking your words. 



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