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Hardware: CineZip brings high-end zip-line camera cradle to new media artists


Cool! That is what I said when I came across the CineZip while browsing through my Pinterest account today. Once again, here is a relatively affordable device that brings the capabilities of high-end mainstream production into the hands of new media artists.

I am sure there are some of you that could do some amazing things with a CineZip for panning large scenes to capturing large gatherings or sporting events and more. Creating inexpensive devices like this gives you more and a more opportunities and creative choices for your projects.

Here is some info from their web site…


Suspended Slider for Video and Cinematography.

Fluid Recording up to 50 Feet.

Anticipated release date July 1st. Whether you’re panning short distances during a wedding ceremony or filming a motion picture scene above a gorge, the CineZip will conquer environmental obstacles to capture footage normally achieved with a big dolly. Carefully guide your camera down the zipline, or utilize the built-in pulley system to attain smooth, motion rich footage.

Capture Video Virtually Anywhere.

Industrial grade components allow users to attach the CineZip onto virtually any two objects. Utilize Fat Gecko suction cup mounts to fasten to smooth solid surfaces like windows, a sturdy strap attachment for round objects such as a tree, or simply screw the adapter plate directly into the wall of a motion picture set.

360° Camera Rotation.

Maintain full control of your camera, while enjoying the ability to rotate the device and obtain a wide panoramic image. Built-in joints and liquid levels allow users to measure precise angles prior to shooting, while a brake system secures your camera in place during preparation and lens changes.

Lightweight, Portable & Easy to Assemble.

Unlike heavy slider systems, the CineZip requires minimal assembly before use and fits into one lightweight carrying bag for easy portability. Setup a custom design in minutes, with no additional equipment, hardware or tool bag necessary.


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