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Product: Dashboard Live Shell – Live Streaming without PC

There seems to be a lot of movement in this hardware area lately — streaming live from remote cameras via wireless broadband connections. Using a device like this in combination with a typical camcorder, reporters and camera people could broadcast live in the midst of the news they are reporting.

 Dashboard Live Shell – Live Streaming without PC

Dashboard live shell

From the Cerevo web site…

Simple operation by just connecting to a camcorder via an HDMI cable and turning the power on. Enjoy broadcasting beautiful video and audio good enough even for professional use with a high-end camcorder ! Compared to a webcam, camcorder video quality is much higher and has other features such as hand-shake compensation,etc.

Have you ever experienced difficulties because trouble occurred with a personal computer or streaming software when important live streaming is in progress? One of LiveShell’s selling points is the ability to do stable broadcasting for long peri- ods. 24 x 7 stable broadcasting is possible with AC adapter operation. Visit for our 24 x 7 Street live camera from Akihabara in Tokyo, Japan.

Read more on the Cerevo web site.


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