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Subscribed 009: Minecraft and More with Paul Soares, Jr.

When my son first got involved with the game Minecraft, and got me interested as well, he quickly recommended a video series to help me make it through my first night in Minecraft. Paul Soares, Jr’s series, “How to Survive and Thrive in Minecraft” is a fun, informative and light-hearted look at how to make Minecraft even more fun.

Soares also does many more Minecraft gaming series as well as play-throughs of other big names in the gaming world, including Skyrim. If you are the least bit interested in Minecraft, i highly recommend Paul’s channel for a great combination of learning and fun!

You can also visit Paul’s web site, for even more info and discussion.

Visit the Paul Soares, Jr. YouTube Channel for more videos!

What are some of your favorite YouTube Subscriptions? Share them here in the comments!

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Subscribed 007: Cool Hunting

Who doesn’t like some “cool” in their lives? Cool Hunting provides a regular dose of cool through its video series highlighting cool stuff in design, art, engineering and more. Cool Hunting is available both as a YouTube channel and a podcast via their web site. The videos are high-quality and shot with an eye towards the artistic while giving you insight into the people involved in the projects.

I highly recommend Cool Hunting as a refreshing bit of entertainment for your mind. Hopefully it can spur you to some “cool” projects of your own.

Visit the Cool Hunting YouTube Channel for more videos!

What are some of your favorite YouTube Subscriptions? Share them here i the comments!

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Subscribed 006: CareerCamp International

A bit of semi-self-promotion this week on Subscribed. Today’s featured YouTube Channel is from CareerCamp International. CareerCamps are a series of free, career unconferences organized by local communities and sponsored by local businesses. Back in July 2012 we held our 7th CareerCamp in Santa Clarita, California.

The CareerCamp International YouTube Channel is where we post videos recorded at the various CareerCamp events. Currently there are 15 different videos for you to investigate. Check out the titles to see which one’s you might be interested in watching. You’ll find a couple of videos from me in the mix there, too.

Here is a talk from CareerCampLA co-chair, Jennifer Oliver O’Connell. Check out all the videos on the CareerCamp International YouTube Channel. 

What are some of your favorite YouTube Subscriptions? Share them here i the comments!

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My Favorite New Media Things – September 2012

My Favorite Things

Here are my favorite shared new media items for September 2012.

Please let me know in the comments if you find any of the particularly useful. I’ll keep my eye open for similar items — Douglas

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Video: Using Chirp to Enhance Your Podcasts

I came across this new iPhone app, Chirp,  last night in my usual Internet reading and it got me to thinking immediately — couldn’t this app be used to create enhanced podcasts that automatically directed listeners to web sites, photos, notes and more at specific points in the show. This is my short demo on how it might be done.

This certainly wasn’t something that the creators were thinking about when creating the app, but that doesn’t mean we couldn’t use it to our (i.e. podcasters) advantage.

Can’t see the video above? View “Using Chirp to Enhance Your Podcasts” on YouTube

Watch “Video: Using Chirp to Enhance Your Podcasts” – iPod Ready Video

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News: New Media Expo Announces Scholarship for Content Creators #NMXU #NMX

Nmxu logo

New Media Expo Announces Scholarship for Content Creators #NMXU #NMX

There’s no denying New Media Expo offers valuable learning opportunities. With almost 90 educational sessions presented by the leading experts in new media content creation, podcasters, bloggers and webTV and video producers always return home inspired and ready to put what they learned to good use. We love that our attendees take time to share with us that we’ve provided such a valuable educational opportunity, but we also hear from content creators who would love to attend our event but can’t get here for a variety of reasons.
We’re about to make it easier for one person.

Throughout the month of October, we’re accepting applications for the first ever (and hopefully not the last) New Media Expo University scholarship. Offered as part of our new New Media Expo University (#NMXU) educational project, this scholarship will provide a complete educational experience at NMX in Las Vegas from January 6th through 8th 2013 for one lucky recipient.


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