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New Media Gear 004: Mike Phillips from and Computers 2K Now podcast

New Media Gear 004: Mike Phillips from and Computers 2K Now podcast


Mike is very knowledgeable about microphones and also has quite a lot of experience working with all the different types in many different situations. During the PodcastU Roundtable a few weeks ago, Mike mentioned these two mics as some of the best for beginning and intermediate podcasters and other New Media content producers. You can find out more about Mike from the links below.


Link: Computer 2K Now

Mike answered my call for Podcast Gear recommendations via the Facebook Podcast Community Group. You can ask your questions and find lots of podcasting discussion there.

These microphones are somewhat unique in the that have both USB and XLR connectors. Beginning podcasters can connect them directly to their computers via USB, without a mixing board, but intermediate podcasts can then step up to a mixer and use the XLR connectors of the microphones in their more advanced setups. Very cool and this is the first time I have heard of such microphones. I think this is a great idea to offer users a bit more flexibility in their setups.

If you have any questions about Mike’s podcasting equipment, please drop them in the comments.

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