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Video Camera Recommendations Wanted – What do you like?

Updated: April 11, 2013, 1024pm PDT

I posted this to Facebook and Twitter earlier, but wanted to include it here on the blog, too.

Camera Rec: Looking for HD cam with external mic input that records to SD Card. High consumer to low prosumer. Any thoughts?

I have some upcoming projects that call for an upgrade in my video camera equipment (and lights and microphones, etc), so I wanted to reach out to all of you to see what recommendations you might have. One of my main needs is some sort of external audio input for lavaliere and shotgun mics.

So far, I have received one recommendation over on Faceboook. I will add others as they come in. Be sure to chime in on the other recommendations if you have some further information or comments.

Many thanks for any help you can offer!

Recommendations so far:


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