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A Singer/Songwriter makes good use of New Media

Singer/Songwriter Matthew Moran has figured out that New Media can bring him some big benefits. He has a full featured web site at and has recently started streaming most of his live shows.

Matthew understands that one of the most important things he can do for his music and his career is allow people to hear it, like it, buy it. It doesn’t matter if they join him live at a venue or watch remotely over the Internet, it only matters that they are exposed to his music.

I am often fond of saying that “music/books/scripts don’t sell themselves in a drawer!” People have to see/read/hear your product in order to decide whether it is something they might buy. Your job is to offer this exposure in as many was as possible. You need to provide people a way to stumble upon your work — whatever form it might take.

Check out Matthew’s site for links to his live streams, recorded video, music samples and more. Even better, buy his CD or attend a live performance and show him you appreciate his work.


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Can New Media Save A Gardening Club?

(Reposted from A Gardener’s Notebook with Douglas E. Welch)

Dan Blocker, Malibu, CAImage by imagebysp via Flickr

Reading today’s LA Times, I came across this article, “Malibu Garden Club Trowels for New Members.” This is a story being repeated all over the world, for all sorts of clubs. This is yet another example of multiple aspects of my life coming together. In this case, gardening and New Media.

Reading about their difficulties in attracting new members, I immediately saw where New Media could assist them greatly in improving the visibility of the group and reaching out to new, younger, more digital members. Under the auspices of my group, New Media Interchange, I sent them a note offering to help them expand their New Media reach and pointed out a few ways to get started. I think this will be a great case study to cover for New Media Interchange that can show the methods and benefits New Media can offer any group.

I am waiting for a reply from the club, but I hope they are interested in working with me to expand the reach of their group and help it survive for many more decades.

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Case Study: Retailers Turning to Facebook

Facebook, Inc.
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This is the second in our series of case studies about New Media. Today, retailing and Facebook. Are you using Facebook for your business? Why or Why not? Leave your comments below.

From Social Media Optimatization

Retailers Turning to Facebook

Not surprisingly, Facebook is the social media site of choice for many US online retailers, judging by an August 2008 study by Internet Retailer and Vovici.

What is surprising, is the low number of retailers who are using social networking sites to reach consumers. And these are online retailers, people who know and understand about the Internet, or at least should.

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Case Study: Blogs Influence Consumer Purchases More than Social Networks

An example of a social network diagram.

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This is the first in a series where I will highlight New Media case studies which seek to bring a deeper understanding of how blogs, povdcasting, ideo sharing and more are changing business today.

Thanks to Social Media Expert, Chris Brogan, for sharing his excellent collection of Delicious bookmarks to get this series started.

Blogs Influence Consumer Purchases More than Social Networks

The number of those who read blogs at least once a month has grown 300% in the past four years, and what they read strongly influences their purchase decisions, playing a key role in ushering them to the point of actual purchase, according to a BuzzLogic-sponsored study, reports Retailer Daily.

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