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Podcasting/New Media Advocacy Group – A Public-Facing Group Designed to Promote Podcasting and New Media Content to the Public

Podcasting/New Media Advocacy Group – A Public-Facing Group Designed to Promote Podcasting and New Media Content to the Public

One of the things I have always found lacking in the Podcasting Community is a public advocacy group dedicated to promoting podcasting (and other forms of New Media such as YouTube Channels) to the general public.

While this group, and others, do a good job of podcasters supporting each other, we all seem to be left on our own wen it comes to introducing our shows to the public, as well as the concept of New Media in general.

With advances like the AppleTV, Roku, Boxee and smart TV’s, it should be easier than ever for podcasters to get their shows before the non-technical public who are just interested in good content. I have often said that one item required for podcasting to grow into a more powerful medium is to “get on the TV!” By this I don’t mean get purchased by a television network, etc, but rather “get on the box” that is in nearly everyone’s home already.

In that regard, I am proposing the creation of a New Media Advocacy group specifically to promote podcasting and New Media to the general public. If there are other interested people, we can set up some online structures to start this journey and begin got move forward as 2013 begins.

I can offer some more thoughts on this topic if people are interested. It is something that has been on my mind since 2004.

Interested? Let’s start a conversation!


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New Media Challenge 2012-002 – Get close!


Are you ready for the next New Media Challenge? This time I want you to get close…really close!

This might take some doing depending on your camera, as they often don’t focus on very close objects, but I am sure you can work it out. Of course, getting close can mean something else entirely, too. Feel free to explore the theme in any way you wish.

Post  a link to your video, photos, writing or more here by Sunday, January 22, 2012.

Use the comments link (click the number next to the little text bubble above) to add a link to this post.

Note: If you simply paste a YouTube URL for your video, will embed the actual video in its place.

New Media Challenges are designed to give you an excuse to stretch your New Media muscles. You can use whatever media you like to complete the challenge including audio, video, photography, writing and more.

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SocialGOV Event at LA City Hall

Douglas E. Welch attended this panel discussion on Monday night high atop LA City Hall in the Bradley Room. Councilmember Eric Garcetti was on hand as were 4 panel members to discuss social media and government. This event was part of Social Media Week LA, part of a series of global social media events.

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Video: Scenes from a New Media Mastermind meetup

Tracy Pattin of and couldn’t resist shooting a bit of video of us getting a little silly at our latest New Media Mastermind meeting. Enjoy!

If you’re interested in joining our monthly New Media Mastermind, send email to

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New Media Interchange’s “Get Read. Get Heard. Get Seen.” Initiative

New Media Interchange’s “Get Read. Get Heard. Get Seen.” Initiative

Every blogger, every podcaster, every online video producer has, at one time or another, said “I could do better than that!” while watching mainstream or broadcast media. The fact is there are New Media productions that are far better than some of the current fare seen on network and cable television, heard on mainstream radio or read in the mainstream press.

The technical issues of producing quality New Media have been long overcome. Shows can be produced in high-definition video and high-quality audio using little more than consumer camera and recorders and the equipment that is built-in to most computers today. Skill and craft can be learned over time, with many producers already approaching, if not exceeding, broadcast quality.

What New Media producers truly need today is exposure — a way to bring their work to a mainstream audience, wherever they might be. While the Internet allows producers to break free of the distribution stranglehold of mainstream radio, television and press, they are still encumbered by the lack of an easy method of getting their shows in front of a mainstream audience, on the devices they already use. Lack of technical knowledge and inertia insure that mainstream media is all that most people will ever know. It is time for New Media to takes its place among the old and stand as a worthy successor to the mainstream media with whom many of us grew up. It is time to bring New Media into everyone’s home as a peer to current mainstream media.

New Media isn’t just “Amateur Hour” as Steve Jobs called it in his recent speech introducing the new AppleTV. People want mainstream Hollywood entertainment only because their exposure to alternatives has been severely llimited by technology and inertia.

The New Media Interchange “Get Read. Get Heard. Get Seen” Initiative is the first step in this process. New Media Interchange has always sought to assist New Media producers in gaining the knowledge necessary to produce New Media. Now, NMI is reaching out to help producers get their work to the largest audience possible.

What are your ideas?

The NMI “Get Read. Get Heard. Get Seen” Initiative is designed to get your New Media projects to the largest audience possible, using both existing and new methods/existing and new media.

The first stage in this process is collecting and brainstorming ideas on how this might be accomplished. Then, together, we can pursue the best of these ideas in a coordinated fashion.

In this initial phase, we are looking for all ideas no matter how crazy they might seem. New Media itself seemed crazy only 5 years ago, so who knows what might be possible in the next 5 years. This is your chance to expand the meaning, influence and reach of New Media beyond its limited roots.

Many of us have connections to, and knowledge of the mainstream media systems. This knowledge is paramount to finding ways to merge mainstream and New Media to produce the next generation of media and better serve future audiences. NMI looks to you to provide your skills, your knowledge and your energy to this initiative to serve both yourself, your fellow New Media producers and your potential audience.

Get started!

Are you interested in pursuing NMI’s “Get Read. Get Heard. Get Seen” Initiative?” Join this new NMI Mailing list — Get Read. Get Heard. Get Seen. This mailing list will be dedicated to this specific initiative so as not to overburden the main NMI mailing list. There we can explore all the possibilities and also coordinate action on those ideas we find most interesting.

Join New Media Interchange’s “Get Read. Get Heard. Get Seen.” Initiative and help bring the power of New Media to everyone — producers and audience alike!

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Member: Tango the Cheetah – Jungle Jenny at Project Survival’s CATHAVEN fundraiser

NMI Member, Jungle Jenny Michaels recently posted this great example of how to use New Media to “get your message out!” You can find more great content on her web site at

Jungle Jenny visits Tango the cheetah at Project Survival’s CATHAVEN Fundraiser in Hollywood, CA. Jenny talks to Wendy Debbas (CATHAVEN President), Dale Anderson (CATHAVEN Founder) and Davis Brimberg (fundraiser, event organizer) about the importance of wild cat conservation. Then we get up close and personal with Tango and learn some cheetah fun facts!

learn more about CATHAVEN at:

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Changes at New Media Interchange

As we approach the shutdown of our Ning-based community site (due to changes at Ning), I want to assure you that this isn’t the end of New Media Interchange. There is still the NMI Blog, the NMI Mailing List and our page on Facebook. Please feel free to continue to use any or all of these to communicate with myself or your fellow NMI members.

What is New Media Interchange all about?

Most importantly, at this time I want to reiterate what New Media Interchange is all about. Here in Los Angeles, and throughout the world, who have something to say…and New Media is an important way to say it.

Regardless of the business and monetization issues of new media, there is an inherent desire and need to create…and to share that creation with others. It has always been my desire to help as many people as possible to create their own, unique new media. It matters little that our creations are rough or imperfect. It is more important that we “do” – that we create. Skills can and will be gained over time, but action, and the momentum gained from taking those first steps, mean much more. If we can’t begin – if we can’t start – it matters little what our new media dreams might be. They will never be achieved without the first, small, step.

Unlike many groups, New Media Interchange is designed to not just put information into your head, but to also get information into your hands – information that moves you to create new media, whatever your interests. Nothing makes me happier that seeing someone take the information from NMI sites, meetings and community and turn it into something tangible and special. I want to see you creating and also see your creations. That makes any and all the work I put into NMI time well spent.

YOU are the most important part!

That said, you are the most important part of New Media Interchange. You need to tell me what you want from this group. You need to tell me what you need in order to get your creations off the ground. While I can think of many presentations to give, blog posts to write and email to send, I want to focus on the knowledge, skills and encouragement you need most. I need you to tell me, and your fellow NMI members, what will be most useful to you. Then, together, we can make it happen.

To that end, please post your questions and comments to any of the sites mentioned above. This is your direct line to the new media information you need. It has often been said, “All of us are smarter than one of us” and I truly believe that. Together we can accomplish many things.

I am ready to help and so are your fellow members.

What do you need?

How can we help?

Let us know!

Douglas E. Welch
Founder, New Media Interchange

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New Media Office Hours

Much like a professor at a university will have set office hours for their students, I have been offering up ad hoc meetings at the Corner Bakery in Encino for people to drop by, chat and ask questions and about New Media like blogging, podcasting, video sharing and streaming and more.

My schedule changes each semester due to my spouse’s changing schedule, so I don’t have a hard and fast time for them, but Wednesdays at 1pm seems to be a good time.

If you would like to come and talk about New Media, drop me a line via Twitter or email to let me know you are coming. Follow my Twitter feed at @douglaswelch, to get notices of upcoming meetups.

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New Media Chat – February 3, 2010 @ 7pm

New Media Chat – Bring your questions

Time: February 3, 2010 from 7pm to 8pm
Location: Online
Website or Map:
Phone: 818-804-5049

Organized By: Douglas E. Welch

Event Description

Join us for our twice-monthly New Media Chat where we discuss the New Media questions, issues and trends of the day.

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New Media Chat Transcript for January 6, 2010

This is a transcript of our latest New Media Chat, held online on January 6, 2010.

douglaswelch: Welcome everyone to this week’s New Media Chat, brought to you by and
douglaswelch: If you like, you can see my shining face on my webcam at
junglejenny: I see the blue glare in your specs too!
douglaswelch: The conversation continues 24/7 on the New Media Interchange Community site at
douglaswelch: Welcome all!
douglaswelch: Ah yes. One of the disadvantages of using a built in web cam when you have glasses. The screen reflects badly in them
tracypattin: Always a problem I find
douglaswelch: There were a couple of interesting topics that came up in our pre-show discussion, so why don
douglaswelch: don’t we start there.
douglaswelch: One question I have for George is his experience with his newly purchased Kodak Zi8
junglejenny: What is it and why do you use it?
georgestarcher: It is a HD video camera.  About $180 from Amazon.  it can shot 720p at 30 frames, 720p and 60 frames.  and 1080p at 30 f

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Event: New Media Chat – Wed, Jan 6, 2009 – 7 PM

New Media Chat – Bring your questions

Time: January 6, 2010 from 7pm to 8pm
Location: Online
Website or Map:
Phone: 818-804-5049

Organized By: Douglas E. Welch

Event Description

Join us for our twice-monthly New Media Chat where we discuss the New Media questions, issues and trends of the day.

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A Singer/Songwriter makes good use of New Media

Singer/Songwriter Matthew Moran has figured out that New Media can bring him some big benefits. He has a full featured web site at and has recently started streaming most of his live shows.

Matthew understands that one of the most important things he can do for his music and his career is allow people to hear it, like it, buy it. It doesn’t matter if they join him live at a venue or watch remotely over the Internet, it only matters that they are exposed to his music.

I am often fond of saying that “music/books/scripts don’t sell themselves in a drawer!” People have to see/read/hear your product in order to decide whether it is something they might buy. Your job is to offer this exposure in as many was as possible. You need to provide people a way to stumble upon your work — whatever form it might take.

Check out Matthew’s site for links to his live streams, recorded video, music samples and more. Even better, buy his CD or attend a live performance and show him you appreciate his work.

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Top 11 Posts from New Media Interchange for 2009

Here is a list of the top 11 New Media Interchange posts for 2009

  1. What’s the differences between a Facebook Group and Fan Page
  2. Video: SteadyStick CamCorder Stabilizer
  3. Recently Shared: DIY Camera Stabilizer
  4. Twitter Software and more! – New Media Answers 015
  5. New: Zoom Q3: Flip Video-type camera with better audio
  6. In The Field with Tracy Pattin- New Media and Social Media Travels Around LA
  7. In The Field….At PresentationCampLA
    In The Field… At The Writer’s Guild of America
  8. News: Where your favorite actress could end up next: YouTube
  9. In The Field…Another Great Evening of Idea Pitching
  10. Video: Izzy Video 110 – The Rule of Thirds
  11. Video: New Media Answers 012 – Facebook
    Event: “From Camera to YouTube” – A Workshop

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Video: Douglas guests on New Media Tea Time: Part 3

I had a great time recording 3 episodes of New Media Tea Time on Friday with Tracy Pattin and Danielle Gruen. Here is episode 3. You can watch it below or subscribe to the New Media Tea Time podcast in your RSS Reader.

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Video: Podcast Double End Recording with MP2 Transfer for Multitrack Editing

NMI Member and longtime fellow podcaster, George Starcher has posted several great technical videos to the New Media Interchange Community Site and I will be highlighting them here in the blog, too.

This first one deals with recording a podcast “double ender” — a remote interview where each person records there end of the conversation and then it is assembled in an audio editor to create a high quality interview.

George is a fellow member of the the Friends in Tech podcasting group, too.

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Audio: Live Reading of “A Christmas Carol” – 4th Annual

On Sunday last, NMI Founder Douglas E. Welch, held his 4th Annual LIVE Reading of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” and the audio is now available for your holiday pleasure.

Douglas says, :”I think this would be great listening while steaming your Christmas pudding, cooking your Christmas goose or enjoying that refreshing “bowl of steaming bishop!”

Listen to the 4th Annual LIVE Reading of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” from

You can also watch the video captured live on

Watch the 4th Annual Reading of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”

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Friends in Tech present A Geek Christmas Story

I have been a member of Friends in Tech, a technology podcasting group, for years and each year we put together several holiday specials specifically for our “Geek-minded” listeners. This year we produced a geekified parody of “A Christmas Story”.

Over the years we have developed a workflow that allows everyone to record their parts separately and then several members, acting as the editors, assemble the final production with music and sound effects. This allows us to put together a complete presentation in just a few weeks, even though we are scattered all over the country.

We also bring in special guest voices from the podcasting community to “share the love” among our fellow new media producers. If you are looking for a project for your group, an audio play can be a great place to start. It energizes your people and also reaches out to the community to increase your visibility. — Douglas

Listen to A Geek Christmas Story

“Mattie Stevens, a young boy of the early 80’s, dreams of owning a Commodore 64. He sets out to convince everyone this is the perfect gift. But, along the way runs into opposition from his parents and everyone around him including old Santa Claus”

Written By:
Kreg Steppe
and Douglas E. Welch

Produced By:
George Starcher
Typical Mac User Podcast
Victor Cajiao – Typical Mac User PodcastTypical Shutterbug Podcast
Steve Holden – Tech News Radio Jersey Boys

Cast of Players:

Narrator: Kreg SteppeTechnorama

Harvey Stevens: Dad – Kevin Devin

Mandy Stevens: Mom – Susie Murph – How to Grow your Geek Podcast

Mattie Stevens: Son – Daniel Devin

Sandy Stevens: Little Brother – Spencer Holden

Curtz Eisenberg: Friend to Mattie – Harrison Steppe

General Beringer: General – Douglas E. Welch

Lieutenant: Steve Holden – Tech News Radio

Mrs. Little: Katie Floyd – Mac Power Users Podcast

Santa’s Helper: Chuck Tomasi –

Santa: Larry Pesce – Podcast

Judge: Victor Cajiao – Typical Mac User PodcastTypical Shutterbug Podcast

Andrew Carnagie: Andy Helsby – Absoblogginlutely!

J.P. Morgan: Grant Bichocco –

UPS Guy: Paul Asadoorian- Podcast

Skipper: Rylie Starcher

Tip of the Hat to the old Christmas Commodore 64 Demo

Previous FiT Holiday Specials:

This has been a Friends in Tech Production.

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Sampler: Tracy Pattin and’s VoiceRegistry Blog

One of the great uses of New Media is education. Not just standard, school and college-based education, but genuine, person-to-person, master-to-apprentice-style learning. In this vein, I present NMI Member, Tracy Pattin and one of her excellent shows, Voice Registry Blog and Podcast. In this show, Tracy focuses on the realities of voiceover work by interviewing some of the biggest names in the industry.

In this show, Tracy interviews Bob Bergen and Bill Holmes on physicalizing while performing voiceover.

Check out this sample show and then subscribe to the blog directly or using iTunes.

iPod Ready Video

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Transcript of New Media Chat from December 8, 2009

douglaswelch: Welcome everyone to tonight’s New Media Chat. This will be our last chat until 2010. Watch the event listing at the New Media Interchange Community site –
douglaswelch: for information on upcoming chats
douglaswelch: You can also read the New Media Interchange blog or subscribe to the NMI Mailing mailing list at
j_oliveroconnell: Hi Marylynn
douglaswelch: If you wish to see my smiling face, I have my still picture web cam up at
douglaswelch: With that said, welcom everyone!
douglaswelch: Just before some of you arrived Jennifer had a great question about blogging. I will get to that in just a moment
marylynn3: Hi j_oliveroconnell
douglaswelch: First, though, a client of mine found out their WordPress blog had been hacked, and I wanted to issue a word of warning.
douglaswelch: Just like your computer, WordPress blogs (those you host yourself on your own web site) need to be updated on a regular basis.
douglaswelch: When you log into your WordPress blog, you will see a notice that it is time to upgrade and usually a few clicks will
douglaswelch: do it.
j_oliveroconnell: Oh, okay.
j_oliveroconnell: So just click on that update button and that does it?
douglaswelch: If you don’t upgrade your WordPress installations, you can get hacked and people can insert
marylynn3: Ugh, I tend to wait a while b/c of plugin issues that can arise with WP updates
douglaswelch: bad things into your blog and use it to try and infect other people.
j_oliveroconnell: Thanks for that.
j_oliveroconnell: I wasn’t sure what the benefit was.

Read the rest of this entry »

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Video: Douglas E. Welch guests on New Media Tea Time

I had a great time recording 3 episodes of New Media Tea Time on Friday with Tracy Pattin and Danielle Gruen. The first episode has just been released. You can watch it below or subscribe to the New Media Tea Time podcast in your RSS Reader.

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