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Video: 2011 Live Reading of A Christmas Carol

For your holiday enjoyment, I present this live video recording of our previous 2011 Live reading of Charles’ Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.

Christmas carol 2011 thumb


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LIVE: Watch and donate to Child’s Play Charity Today and this Weekend!

A couple of my favorite Minecraft YouTubers are spending the weekend live streaming their gameplay for Child’s Play Charity — raising funds that provide games and toys for hospitalized youth.

Watch Live Here

Twitch juicetraWatch live video from Juicetra on


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“How to Live stream?”question and answer session via email

One of my posts from 2010, “What do you need to live video stream your event?” is one of the most popular posts on my web site, according to my stats. This post also leads to a large number of emails from folks with questions about live streaming.

I had a great question and answer session via email with a reader the other day and wanted to sure my answers with all of you. I hope that this is useful to you and answers some of the questions you might have about live streaming.

The reader’s questions are in bold below, with my answers below each question. — Douglas

First, let me say that I am a big proponent of starting to stream in any way possible and then building up the quality of your streams as you go. This allows you get some of the benefits of streaming while still learning and building up your equipment. Perfect is good, but done is better. I recommend jumping in and just “doing” it — even as practice. You will learn so much.

1.  What type of cameras do we need?  We were going to start with 2 (2 different angles), but we don’t know what TYPE of cameras we need.  What do they need to be equipped with?

You can use anything from the built-in webcam on a laptop, an external webcam (check out the Logitech C920 for an HD one), a Firewire-capable camcorder or high-end “TV” cameras. I am not an expert on the high-end stuff, so I will have to leave that to more knowledgeable folks. That said, anything you can get a video signal from can potentially be used for streaming. You may need to run analog cameras through some sort of switcher or analog-digital convertor to connect it to your computer, but if you have a video source, you should be able to stream it, 

2.  We need a switcher, yes?   We’ll be switching from 1 angle to another during the stream.

If you want to have multiple cameras, yes, you will probably need a switcher. That said, on a very low-end scale, you could also have 2 webcams and then switch which input is being used by the streaming site at any time. This is a pretty low-end way of doing it, but it works and would allow you to experiment a bit first.

If you are looking at video mixers, here are two examples from

 Roland V-4 4-Channel Video Mixer


3.  We were told we also need a streaming encoder.  Do we?

A streaming encoder is used for higher-end situations. Basically it is just a locally run piece of software the pre-encodes the signal before sending it along to the streaming site. For most free streaming setups, this encoding is done by the site. You may not need this initially. 

4.  Can a switcher and an encoder be part of the same equipment?

Yes, there are a couple of systems that have been introduced lately that are basically rack mounted streaming “systems” that include switch, encoder, a PC with network/wifi, etc. 

 Here are two systems I have seen recently:


5.  We are NOT looking to TAPE the concert for later viewing.  Do we still need a “capture card”?

Most streaming sites will also record and archive your show for later watching, but you can also capture a copy locally yourself. In this case, your local copy will always be of higher quality than the streamed version, due to bandwidth limitations, etc. I think archiving your streams is a great idea as you will always have many more views from the recorded versions that you will from the live stream. Live streams require people to be in a particular place at a particular time and so limit the number of people who can “attend”. Recorded versions can be watched whenever and wherever the person might be, so more people view it. This is not to say you can’t charge for access to these recorded versions. You don’t have to give them away for free. 

6.  How LARGE a computer do we need?  What type of capacity does that computer need to have?

You want the fastest computer you can get, with plenty of memory (4GB-8GB) and several large hard drives (1TB+) Audio and video files can grow very large and you need enough space to hold each show, archived shows and editing space, if you want to edit or convert the files.

7.  How do we get the live feed onto our website?

When using a streaming service like, etc, they provide you an “embed code” that you simply copy and paste to your site or anywhere else you want the stream to appear. It is just a small snippet of HTML that should work nearly anywhere.

8.  How can we sell tickets on their website via Pay-Per-View?

Sorry, that is outside my knowledge area, unfortunately. 

9. We want the best quality — HD — that we can get, although we’re on a very strapped (i.e., small) budget.

Surprisingly, even a consumer camcorder can take quite decent 1080p HD video. The streaming software/equipment/service/bandwidth will always be the limiting factor for the foreseeable future.

I hope this has helped a bit. My knowledge is more at the level of the “beginner” live streamer, so I am not sure what more I can offer. 

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Photos: Reaching Across the Distance – Love Letters for Valentine’s Day 2012

Here is a collection of photos from today’s live reading — Reaching Across the Distance – Love Letters for Valentine’s Day 2012 – Sun, Feb 12 — produced by my friends , Keri and Michael.

We broadcast this live via Talkshoe, but an audio podcast will be coming soon.

Michael mans the sound board (Instagram)

View the Flickr slideshow

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Audio: New Media Presentation to UCLA Extension Voice over Class


On Thursday, January 26, 2012, NMI Founder, Douglas E. Welch spoke to Janet Wilcox’s UCLA Extension class, Pursuing a Career in Voice Overs.

He talked about New Media and the need for students to develop their voice over careers in non-traditional ways, as the industry changes.

71 Minutes

Listen to Douglas’s New Media Presentation to UCLA Extension Voice over Class


Sections of the talk:

  • Being responsible for your own Production, Promotion and Proactivity in your own career
  • Blogs and Blogging
  • Web sites
  • The 4 Pillars of New Media
    • Podcasting
    • Video Sharing sites
    • Live Streaming
    • Social Media – Facebok, Twitter, Google+, etc.
  • How the entertainment industry is chaining
  • Why you should be developing and producing your own shows

I also gave a short Garageband to show how easy it is to create your own audio programs. Due to the visual nature of the talk, it is not included in this audio program.

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Douglas E. Welch talks New Media with

Originally appeared on

Bigg Success Podcast LogoCareer Success with New Media

We were happy to visit with Douglas E. Welch today on The Bigg Success Show today. Douglas is an expert on building the career you deserve and spreading the word about your talents using social media. Among other things, he’s the host of two great blogs and podcasts: Career Opportunities and Careers in New Media. Here’s a recap of the conversation:

Read Douglas talks with George & Mary-Lyn on The Bigg Success Show! with complete text transcript.

Listen to Douglas talk with George & Mary-Lyn on The Bigg Success Show!

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A Singer/Songwriter makes good use of New Media

Singer/Songwriter Matthew Moran has figured out that New Media can bring him some big benefits. He has a full featured web site at and has recently started streaming most of his live shows.

Matthew understands that one of the most important things he can do for his music and his career is allow people to hear it, like it, buy it. It doesn’t matter if they join him live at a venue or watch remotely over the Internet, it only matters that they are exposed to his music.

I am often fond of saying that “music/books/scripts don’t sell themselves in a drawer!” People have to see/read/hear your product in order to decide whether it is something they might buy. Your job is to offer this exposure in as many was as possible. You need to provide people a way to stumble upon your work — whatever form it might take.

Check out Matthew’s site for links to his live streams, recorded video, music samples and more. Even better, buy his CD or attend a live performance and show him you appreciate his work.

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Audio: Live Reading of “A Christmas Carol” – 4th Annual

On Sunday last, NMI Founder Douglas E. Welch, held his 4th Annual LIVE Reading of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” and the audio is now available for your holiday pleasure.

Douglas says, :”I think this would be great listening while steaming your Christmas pudding, cooking your Christmas goose or enjoying that refreshing “bowl of steaming bishop!”

Listen to the 4th Annual LIVE Reading of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” from

You can also watch the video captured live on

Watch the 4th Annual Reading of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”

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Transcript of New Media Chat from December 8, 2009

douglaswelch: Welcome everyone to tonight’s New Media Chat. This will be our last chat until 2010. Watch the event listing at the New Media Interchange Community site –
douglaswelch: for information on upcoming chats
douglaswelch: You can also read the New Media Interchange blog or subscribe to the NMI Mailing mailing list at
j_oliveroconnell: Hi Marylynn
douglaswelch: If you wish to see my smiling face, I have my still picture web cam up at
douglaswelch: With that said, welcom everyone!
douglaswelch: Just before some of you arrived Jennifer had a great question about blogging. I will get to that in just a moment
marylynn3: Hi j_oliveroconnell
douglaswelch: First, though, a client of mine found out their WordPress blog had been hacked, and I wanted to issue a word of warning.
douglaswelch: Just like your computer, WordPress blogs (those you host yourself on your own web site) need to be updated on a regular basis.
douglaswelch: When you log into your WordPress blog, you will see a notice that it is time to upgrade and usually a few clicks will
douglaswelch: do it.
j_oliveroconnell: Oh, okay.
j_oliveroconnell: So just click on that update button and that does it?
douglaswelch: If you don’t upgrade your WordPress installations, you can get hacked and people can insert
marylynn3: Ugh, I tend to wait a while b/c of plugin issues that can arise with WP updates
douglaswelch: bad things into your blog and use it to try and infect other people.
j_oliveroconnell: Thanks for that.
j_oliveroconnell: I wasn’t sure what the benefit was.

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New Media Chat Transcript – November 24, 2009

douglaswelch: Welcome to New Media Chat sponsored by New Media Interchange at
douglaswelch: The conversation continues 24/7 on the New Media Interchange Community site at Post your questions and comments there in the days between these chats.
douglaswelch: With that said, the chat room is open for your questions, and comments. How is everyone tonight?
guest-13678 entered the room
junglejenny: excellent!
guest-13678 changed nickname to meganenloe
rockwanderer: thumbs up
douglaswelch: Things seem to be settling down/getting crazy as the holiday approaches
meganenloe: A little?
douglaswelch: If you didn’t get a chance to watch/participate in Fabulous Find Fridays this week, I invite you to check things out on the NMI Community site
michaelcuetta: is this show still happening?
douglaswelch: Start collecting your favorite finds for this coming Friday
douglaswelch: This is just a text chat tonight Michael
junglejenny: I have a question, who uses worpress?
douglaswelch: Ooo Ooo ME Me…but you already knew that
meganenloe: I do but I’m always lost on it.
junglejenny: Doug, your a god, thanks for helping me the other night.
rockwanderer: is there a benifit to using wordpress over blogger?
douglaswelch: Glad to help. I got a great post for Careers in New Media from your quandry
michaelcuetta: is there a top blogs link for wordpress?
junglejenny: I’m using wordpress as my website actually.
douglaswelch: @michael Somrthing that shows the top links on the given blog?
michaelcuetta: of the wordpress blogs, the most read
douglaswelch: @rockwanderer these days I lean towards WordPress for a couple of reasons but I still have 3 blogs on Blogger which were created years ago
junglejenny: not sure.
douglaswelch: @michael I think that the home page has a list of the top blogs hosted there, since they can see all the stats from these hosted blogs
guest-13837 entered the room
douglaswelch: @rockwanderer I like that WordPress blogs can start on and then migrate up to a self-hosted WordPress blog pretty easily
guest-13837 changed nickname to tracypattin
douglaswelch: Also, you can only get all the features of blogger now if you host on Blogspot. My Blogger blogs are actually hosted on my web site using the old fto method
douglaswelch: Hey Tracy!
tracypattin: hey doug!
tracypattin: been busy dealing with my FTP site and thinking up Qs for the chat
douglaswelch: WordPress is powerful and with that power comes a complexity which can be intimidating
douglaswelch: @Tracy Cool
guest-13874 entered the room
guest-13874 changed nickname to facebook_user
douglaswelch: The plugin interface of WordPress also allows you to easily add features with little fuss

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New Media Chat Transcript – 20091110

[19:00] douglaswelch: Welcome everyone to this week’s New Media Chat where we get you answers to your most pressing questions

[19:01] douglaswelch: I am Douglas E. Welch, Founder of New Media Interchange

[19:02] douglaswelch: You can find out more information about New Media Interchange at and our community site,

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Next New Media Chat – Tue, Nov. 10 – 7 pm

Join us for our next New Media Chat!

The topics for these regular chats are wide-ranging, but I can almost guarantee we will touch on Twitter and its uses, Facebook, YouTube and more.

Even better, bring your own questions and NMI Founder, Douglas E. Welch and the other NMI Members will offer their best advice and guidance.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009 – 7 pm PDT

To join in the chat, visit

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New Media Chat Transcript – October 27, 2009

[19:00] douglaswelch: Welcome everyone to this New Media Chat sponsored by New Media Interchange at http://newmediainterchange. Our community site is at
[19:00] douglaswelch: A transcript of tonight’s chat should be available on the web site when we are done. This is one reason we are using TinyChat tonight as our online living room.
[19:01] joliveroconnell: @Andrea–good to see you!
[19:01] joliveroconnell: And everyone
[19:01] douglaswelch: The goal of these chats is to share our New Media knowledge and learning. As I mentioned in the email invite, reach out to the less tech saaavy among you and iontroduce them to the chat so they can learn more.

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Audio: Ghosts of the Internet Live 2009

Last night, NMI Members Michael Lawshe and Keri Dearborn hosted their annual Ghosts of the Internet Live Reading of Halloween and Spooky Stories. If you didn’t get a chance to join us live, you can now listen to this encore presentation via podcast.




Ghosts of the Internet Live Reading Ghosts of the Internet Live Reading Ghosts of the Internet Live Reading

More photos

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New Media Chat – Make the Most of New Media

** Please make a point of sharing this with some of your less tech saavy friends and business partners. Heck, sit down together with them for this chat. There is some great information to be had, especially for those just learning about New Media — Douglas

Tuesday, October 27, 2009 at 7 pm PDT

Join NMI Founder, Douglas E. Welch and other NMI members for a live and wide ranging discussion of New Media. What is it? How to use it? Why? Let’s talk about Twitter, YouTube,, Facebook and a host of others.

This week we will be using to host our chat. It has tools for recording the entire chat for later reading as well as audio and video conferencing.

Visit to join in!

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Join us for a New Media Chat!

Join us for a New Media Interchange Chat!

Want to learn how and why to use Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and more? Looking to jumpstart your use of New Media? Join us for our first New Media Chat.

New Media Interchange Founder, Douglas E. Welch and other NMI members will be on-hand to chat about all your New Media Issues.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009 – 7pm

Join the chat on the New Media Interchange Community Site

You can also link directly to the chat page at

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Video: Palimpsests – Norman Klein – CalArts / Art Center

As a community service, New Media Interchange streams and records the meetings of Dorkbot SoCal each month. The second speaker at this month’s meeting is Dorkbot SoCal organizer and host, Tim Durfee.

From Dorkbot SoCal web site…

Palimpsests – Norman Klein – CalArts / Art Center

“A manuscript, typically of papyrus or parchment, that has been written on more than once, with the earlier writing incompletely erased and often legible.”

Norman Klein is a cultural critic, and both an urban and media historian, as well as a novelist. His books include “The History of Forgetting: Los Angeles and the Erasure of Memory,” “Seven Minutes:The Life and Death of the American Animated Cartoon,” the data/cinematic novel, “Bleeding Through: Layers of Los Angeles, 1920-86” (DVD-ROM with book), “The Vatican to Vegas: The History of Special Effects”, “Freud in Coney Island,” and the forthcoming “The Imaginary 20th Century.” His essays appear in anthologies, museum catalogs, newspapers, scholarly journals, on the web — symptoms of a polymath’s career, from European cultural history to animation and architectural studies, to LA studies, to fiction, media design and documentary film. His work (including museum shows) centers on the relationship between collective memory and power, from special effects to cinema to digital theory, usually set in urban spaces; and often on the thin line between fact and fiction; about erasure, forgetting, scripted spaces, the social imaginary.

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DorkBot SoCal Live today @ 1 pm

Dorkbot SoCal Live Stream

Click the picture to Watch Live Now!

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Video: From Camera to YouTube – Part 3

Recorded live at the Writers Guild of America, West on May 27, 2009. Speakers included Elisabeth Flack of the WGA, Rosanne Welch, Douglas Welch and Michael Lawshe. For more information on New Media, visit

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Video: From Camera to YouTube – Part 2

Recorded live at the Writers Guild of America, West on May 27, 2009. Speakers included Elisabeth Flack of the WGA, Rosanne Welch, Douglas Welch and Michael Lawshe. For more information on New Media, visit

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