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Subscribed 017: In Our Time from BBC Radio 4

Subscribed is my series highlighting the Podcasts, YouTube Channels and Blogs that I follow on a daily basis. Check out this entry, and past entries, for some great New Media Content — Douglas

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Subscribed 017: In Our Time from BBC Radio 4

In Our Time, hosted by Melvyn Bragg, is one show that I always include in my collections of great podcasts. I consider it, along with a few other shows, “My Own Private Masters Degree!” I learn so much in 45 minutes that it almost seems impossible. In each show, Bragg, along with 3 experts, tackle the heart of a given subject. Some weeks it is history, sometime science, sometimes philosophy. Regardless, it is an entertaining and enlightening overview of the topic.

People often ask how I can carry on intelligent conversations with nearly anyone at a party. In Our Time is one big reason. It provides such a great introduction into so many topics that it is rare I can’t find some common ground for discussion with nearly anyone.

I highly recommend In Our Time as a large part of any self-directed educational program. We should all be learning something new every day and this show is a great way to do it!

Check out more info on the In Our Time web site at BBC Radio 4

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2012 Gift Guide: Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920

I have always been an active user of online video conferencing systems including Skype and others. Lately, though, my use has picked up as I spend a lot of time in Google Hangouts and even participate in a weekly food show entitled Kitchen Party, over at

Producing a show for the public means you want the best picture quality possible. In the past, video conferencing tools have always looked a little fuzzy, a little dark and a little pixelated. This isn’t true anymore, though. With the latest systems, like Google Hangouts and the most current versions of Skype, you can share near HD quality video. Of course, in order to do this, you need the right camera.

I picked up the Logitech C920 after I saw how it looked with a few of my Hangout friends. It provides crisp video in 16:9 format and works with almost any video service. I use mine on the Mac, so there are really no extra software controls available, but Windows users can use the included software to adjust white balance and a few other settings.

In my case, I also use the webcam for one additional us — Timelapse movies. The high quality of the camera, along with some software on my Mac, turn it into an excellent time-lapse camera — allowing me to grab full screen HD quality movies using Evocam software. I have recorded time-lapse movies of myself working in the garden for my podcast, A Gardener’s Notebook, and it does a great job.


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My Favorite New Media Things – September 2012

My Favorite Things

Here are my favorite shared new media items for September 2012.

Please let me know in the comments if you find any of the particularly useful. I’ll keep my eye open for similar items — Douglas

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