New Media Interchange

New Media Interchange is changing and growing!

New Media Interchange is turning into its very own podcast for the 3rdPass Media network.

Starting April 15 — and then weekly after that — New Media Interchange will be a new media news podcast focusing on “the media world beyond mainstream television and radio, including podcasting, YouTube, live streaming, gaming and more.”

Upcoming stories include:

Netflix programming investments
TubeFilter on best time to release your videos
Essay Attracting Attention to Yoursef
Fragmentation in the TV industry
Meerkat, Periscope and other live streaming alternatives
…and more!

Watch for more information and release of upcoming shows!

I’ll be setting up a new MailChimp mailing list for NMI and removing the GoogleGroups list, so you’ll see more full-featured email newsletters in the future.

Looking forward to kicking off another great project and podcast!



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Video: “My Podcast Process” at PodCampAZ

NMI Founder, Douglas E. Welch speaks at PodCampAZ 2009 in Phoenix, Arizona on “My Podcast Process.”

Links mentioned in this presentation:


New Media Interchange

New Media Interchange Community Site


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Former NPR newscaster starts podcast

NPR News logo
Image via Wikipedia

If it’s true that a New Media ‘can’t get no respect’ until the Old Media types begin to populate it, then we’re about to get a boost from former NPR Day to Day newscaster Madeline Brand who is beginning a Mommy blog/podcast this weekend according to this story in today’s LA Times:

Parenting on the Edge: Madeleine Brand casts a critical eye on classic kids’ books

Why am I throwing yet another (b)log on the towering inferno of mommy blogs out there? There must be at least a gazillion of them, to use my son’s word for anything larger than 10. And yet there also seems to be an unquenchable desire to talk about parenting, as if we’re the first to experience it. Turning “parent” into a gerund would have been alien to our parents, which says a lot about where we are.

I used to host a radio show on NPR called “Day to Day.” Whenever we did a story on parenting, the response was big. I thought, “Wow, this is really connecting with our listeners; wouldn’t it be great to do a whole show or series of podcasts on this topic?” But being a mom with a full-time job, I couldn’t really find the time.

Soon, I had all the time in the world: NPR canceled the show, and I lost my job. So I downsized from NPR’s swank Culver City studios to my closet, which my husband gallantly soundproofed. I bought some audio equipment, and “Parenting on the Edge” was born. Earlier episodes, which I posted at, covered topics such as what children should not be learning in preschool (their ABCs); the social dilemmas faced by stay-at-home dads; why a family gave up everything (car, home, retirement fund) to travel the world; and how to have a good conversation with your child. (Start by not asking, “How was school today?”)

More at:,0,5820263.htmlstory

I suppose this one caught my eye ’cause I liked her work on Day to Day – and I liked her first topic since I so disliked The Giving Tree myself – though Runaway Bunny I could spend some time defending!

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Survey: What is stopping you from using New Media? (1 question)

To answer this survery, visit this link…

What is stopping you from using New Media?

If you have professed a desire to engage in New Media and use New Media tools like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Podcasting, Live Streaming video, what is stopping you/preventing you from moving forward?
What is preventing you from using New Media Tools?

  • Fear
  • Education/Training
  • Lack of Content
  • Peer pressure
  • Rules of your workplace
  • Lack of technology/computer equipment
  • Other:
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New Media Tip 20090714 – Specials

JavaOne 085.jpg

Originally uploaded by opus2008

Restauranteurs…are you blogging. tweeting. Facebooking your daily specials? If not, why not? I can guarantee you that each of your specials has its fans. Why not tell these fans when their favorite is available instead of making them guess?

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Recently on the NMI Community Site


Gregory added 2 photos. View Photos

Travel Town Museum_01 Travel Town Museum_02

Discussion Forums

Douglas E. Welch Winners of NMI January Giveaway

Started by Douglas E. Welch in News 17 hours ago.

Started by Douglas E. Welch in Conversation. Last reply by Douglas E. Welch 1 day ago.

Jeri Unselt Joomla 2 Replies

Started by Jeri Unselt in Technology. Last reply by Jeri Unselt Jan 19.

Started by Tracy Pattin in Technology. Last reply by Liam Jan 19.

Jeri Unselt Podpress 1 Reply

Started by Jeri Unselt in Technology. Last reply by Douglas E. Welch Jan 15.

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Douglas explains New Media Interchange

New Media TTown-4

Originally uploaded by melawshe

My friend, Michael, got this nice shot of me explaining New Media Interchange to a first time attendee at the New Media Interchange Media Walk at Travel Town.

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Media Walk at Travel Town

New Media TTown-19

Originally uploaded by melawshe

Michael Lawshe has some pictures of the wide variety of equipment he was demonstrating at the New Media Interchange Media Walk on Saturday.

Click the photo for more pictures from Michael’s Flickr Photostream.

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NMI Media Walk Animoto Video

A short Animoto video created from Joseph Welch’s pictures of the NMI Media Walk

[clearspring_widget title=”” wid=”46928cc51133af17″ pid=”4972aab5e0b3bc5b” width=”432″ height=”240″ domain=””]

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New Media Interchange Media Walk @ Travel Town

There are lots of photos from today’s NMI Media Walk at Travel Town in my Flicker Photostream. Click the photo for more.

You can also see other photos tagged with New Media Interchange photos on Flickr at the Flickr tag newmediainterchange .

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In the New Media Interchange session.

Douglas E. Welch and Evo Terra present on New Media Interchange at PodCampAZ in Phoenix, Arizona.

This was the kick off for the Phoenix chapter of New Media Interchange.

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PodCampAz is this weekend..and New Media Interchange is meeting!

Join us for our inaugral meeting of New Media Interchange Phoenix at PodCampAZ this weekend.

Here is a link to a short promo.

iPod Ready Video

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New Media Tip 20080922 – Perfection (Video)

The first in a series of (near) daily New Media Tips

iPod Ready Video

Link: New Media Tips via Twitter
Link: New Media Tips via FriendFeed
Link: New Media Tips via
Link: Subscribe to New Media Interchange
Link: Subscribe to New Media Interchange using iTunes

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Ted Talks: Peter Hirshberg: The Web and TV, a sibling rivalry

An excellent talk that is useful for traditional and new media people alike.

Watch the Video
| Download the Video

In this absorbing look at emerging media and tech history, Peter Hirshberg shares some crucial lessons from Silicon Valley and explains why the web is so much more than “better TV.”

About Peter Hirshberg

A Silicon Valley executive, entrepreneur and marketing specialist, Peter Hirshberg might just be the definitive voice on how new technology affects business and culture

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Forbes: Ask An Expert: Advertising With New Media

Now if we can just get some of this Yellow Pages advertising income to come into the New Media advertising market.

Question: Is advertising in the Yellow Pages book still of any value? Should I replace my listing in the Yellow Pages with online advertising? And if so–with what? Local paid search?

Answer: Throw your telephone book away or use it to level your piano. The original promise of the Web was geographically relevant information. Over the last two years the ability for marketers to target locally has become easier and more effective.

Read the remainder of the article

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Become a Facebook “Fan” of New Media Interchange today!

For all the Facebook users out there, New Media Interchange now has a home on Facebook.

Visit and become a “fan” today.

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Elsewhere Online: Here’s one way you can use video in your real estate blog

Real Estate has a great post on how realtors can make use of new media in their work.

“One question I get from folks is, “how can I use video?” Well, the first thing I would say is– Don’t do video tours of your listings unless you are getting a professional to put it together. We tried doing our own listing tours in our brokerage, and it was a colossal waste of time and effort. The folks at REShows and MLBroadcast are able to put together a much better presentation of your listing using photos and music than you are able to make with video (unless you are a videographer).”

Read the entire article and watch their video

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Next Meeting @ Hollywood and Highland – August 20

Wednesday August 20, 2008 from 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Hollywood and Highland center

6801 Hollywood blvd
Hollywood, California 90028

Join us for an evening of New Media talk in the heart of Hollywood.

New Media Interchange is dedicated to allowing everyone to benefit from New Media in their career and business.

Don’t know much about new media? Bring you questions! We’ll be glad to answer them.

Meet at the Starbucks located near the “back” of Hollywood and Highland on the 2nd floor.

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NMI Sedona Meeting

New Media Interchange SedonaWe had a GREAT time tonight talking New Media at the Ravenheart Coffee Bar in Sedona, Arizona. Lots of great conversation and people!

New Media Interchange Sedona New Media Interchange Sedona New Media Interchange Sedona

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News: Joss Whedon’s New Media Musical

I saw this story today in the LA Times. While, again, it is someone who has lots of money to invest, it does show somw movement into the new media world by traditional media folks.

Another story on this show — Whedon’s Web Musical Fanboy-tastic!

From The Los Angeles Times…

Joss Whedon’s ‘Dr. Horrible’ trailer hits the net
11:26 AM PT, Jun 25 2008

Below is a short trailer for “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog,” the much-anticipated three-part musical from “Buffy” creator Joss Whedon.

“Dr. Horrible” stars Neil Patrick Harris, Felicia Day and Nathan Fillion, and Whedon describes it as follows: “It’s the story of a low-rent super-villain, the hero who keeps beating him up, and the cute girl from the laundromat he’s too shy to talk to.”

The series, comprised of three 10-minute episodes, is poised to premiere on the Internet–most likely next month. Whedon began working on it during the writers strike, and it represents his first major experiment with Web-original programming.

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