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New Media Stories #001

From Tracy Pattin,

“I’d love to tell my story! 

It was summer 2006. I was at the UCLA Writer’s Faire where attendees can sample (for free!) the upcoming Fall classes and teachers. When I walked into that classroom, I knew something was different. Then Doug and Roseanne Welch started speaking about creativity and New Media. It was clear they couldn’t wait to share with the standing-room-only class, that the world, (AND cyberworld) had opened up to creatives like never before. With the evolution of blogs, podcasts and social media, you could actually distribute what you create from your laptop. 

My heart started racing, I wanted to jump up and down and cheer! Finally, we have the power to get our messages out, not only to the country but to the entire world. From that moment, that one class, I made a decision to change my life. 

Today? I’ve produced 30 audio podcasts, 10 video podcasts, hundreds of blogs and now I’m about to launch my own podcast show. I’m also a consultant with my own company, SizzleCaster.  It’s fun when people ask me what I do. All I have to say is, “I’m a New Media producer.” That feels great. And it feels great to love every moment of my new career.

Thanks Doug and Roseanne!”

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What is New Media Interchange?

From the original announcement email…

I am looking to launch yet another meetup, but one in an area I don’t think is currently being served in LA. I want to bring together New Media Tech folks like Flash animators, podcasters, videobloggers,etc together with creatives like writers, actors and directors so that we can share information on producing New Media.

This idea grows out of my Podcasting and New Media for Writers class that I teach for the UCLA Extension. I have had a really good time with that class as it focuses on “doing.” We talk as much about the creative side of the New Media as we do the tech and everyone has something to bring to the table. At the end of the class, everyone has produced and released the first episode of their production, ready to continue as long as they wish.

While there is a social element to all meetups, I want to focus on the Interchange of ideas and sharing real world, useful information that we each need to know. I imagine a “5-minute meeting” where you can ask a pressing question and provide a great resource (web site, book, person, etc) to share with the group. Then we can break up and discuss whatever we wish.

If there is already something like this, please let me know. If you are interesting in the New Media Interchange, contact me directly If there is enough interest, I will find a venue and start to select a date.

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Coming soon!

The New Media Interchange blog is coming soon with samples from our members, commentary, podcasts and more.

If you are interested in joining New Media Interchange, visit our Google Group and our Wiki for more information.

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