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LA’s BlobLive Pitches a Winning Game

Tracy Pattin, host, Sizzle in the

Tracy Pattin, host, Sizzle in the

It was a night of great ideas, brainstorming and pitching at its best. “This is an open mic night for entrepreneurs” says BlobLive’s Erick Brownstein. “Tonight I’ve got BlobLive breaking news and big results about one idea pitcher. It was an when evening when only 12 people were in the audience. The entrepreneur shared his video platform idea. Turns out, someone in the audience was connected to The Huffington Post. Then he started working with them and from there? He’s in talks with the White House.”

So, that’s what can happen when you step onstage and present your dream.

Attending several BlobLive events these past months, I’ve seen a slew of ideas and projects at various stages, from the Green Christmas Tree, to the Solar DJ, to the guy who wants to transform the Hollywood Sign. Tonight was no exception.

First up, Solomon’s Movie Pals Open Cinema in its final stages, about to be launched. It’s a collaborative movie making internet site with the cyber audience participating in all aspects of production as voters decide on the process and finished piece. “It has to be a meritocracy though”, says Solomon, “The more you do the more you vote.” When he asked for feedback and suggestions there were lots of hands raised. “What about creating good endings to bad movies?” Someone suggested. “You mean like a heckle section?” So there it was. A new idea for this already fascinating project.

When the British guy jumped onstage, talking about “lovable rogues” and “white Boys with street smarts”, I was mesmerized, but didn’t know what to think. This idea within an idea, was a great example of showing instead of telling. Seems Julian Moss was portraying one of the characters in his movie. The charismatic filmmaker wants to help the homeless and mentally ill with his Community film idea. His movie “The White Boys” is almost finished. Now he needs marketing and distribution guidance. Tweets were lining up on the screen behind. “Great idea! Take it to film festivals.”

Every pitch was compelling! Todd did a pitch within a pitch, presenting his Stealth Auto idea to get ready for his appearance on new reality show, Shark Tank, where entrepreneurs pitch to investors on TV. “Todd will pimp your car” wrote a twitterer.

Pam’s Matchmaking Concierge, generated a great new name, Guydea (hopefully she’s bought the domain by now!), Terrence from USC’s Stevens Institute of Innovation , had a hologram idea.  And finally, the show stopper was 8 year old Lucy who pitched, “BlobLive for kids.” Hands shot up everywhere. This was a winner.

-Tracy Pattin

Then it hit me.  BlobLive is about the kid in all of us.

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