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In the Field. Going Live! Tubefilter’s Live Event!

Tracy Pattin, host, SizzleintheMiddle

Tracy Pattin, host, SizzleintheMiddle

Busby’s nightclub was buzzing this past Monday night with  Tubefilter and the Hollywood Web Television MeetupGoing LIVE!.

It was a lively (and of course very entertaining and streamed live) panel with Tubefilter’s Drew Baldwin, Coin-op TV’s Hailey Bright, Mahalo Daily’s Tyler Crowley, The Streaming.TV’s Brian Gramo, and Ooyala’s Bismark Lepe, about producing live television on the web. It’s called, “Live Streaming” and it looks like the next big web evolution.

So what does it take? Tubefilter’s Drew Baldwin says, “You have to be improvisational down to the last electrical cord.” Mahalo’s Tyler Crowley says, “People want live because is the easiest and best way to interact. Live is her to stay.”

So, what are the drawbacks of this new technology? Just that… It’s NEW technology. The Stream.TV’s Brian Gramo says, “The technology is still not perfect.” Assuring us that it will get there…in at most…3 years.

Of course the other big question of the evening was…you guessed it, “How do you monetize?” Bismark of Ooyala, says “It’s all about syndication.” He says he’s starting to see the networks “Open inventory to live stream.” The panel went on to talk about donating, sponsors and other ways to get “eyeballs to the site.”

One last bit of wise advice: ( that never seems to change) It all starts with content. Content is still king.

Check out the upcoming November Tubefilter meetup event

-Tracy Pattin



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