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New Media Answers Celebrates 1st Anniversary!


Looking over the New Media Interchange site tonight, preparing some other information, I was pleasantly surprised to see the our first show, New Media Answers, celebrated its 1st Anniversary in August 2009. Tracy Pattin and myself (Douglas E. Welch) have produced 16 episodes of this series, designed to help answer some of the most basic questions about New Media.

Please let us know if there are any questions we can answer for you in future shows. We love getting to the heart of your New Media questions and giving you the information you need to move forward with your own projects.

You can find all the past New Media Answers shows on the New Media Interchange Web Site under New Media Answers (direct link)

Thanks to Tracy for her great work. She now has 2 podcasts of her own, Sizzle in the Middle (Adventurize Your Mid-Lfe) and’s VoiceRegistry blog and podcast where can learn about the amazing world of voiceover acting through interviews with many of its most important people.

As for me, I will be celebrating the 5th Anniversary of my show, Career Opportunities: Helping to Build the Career You Deserve on September 24, 2009. I was one of the pioneer podcasters and still greatly enjoy it after all these years. It is this enjoyment that drives me to introduce everyone to the power of New Media and led directly to the creation of New Media Interchange. You can find more of my audio and video productions on my other blogs and podcasting, My Word with Douglas E. Welch, A Gardener’s Notebook, TechnologyIQ and Careers in New Media. You’ll find links to all of these on my web site at

Please be sure to check out the New Media Interchange Commmunity site, where you can ask your New Media questions and discuss issues with your fellow NMI members.

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Twitter Software and more! – New Media Answers 015

Tracy Pattin and Douglas E. Welch discuss Twitter clients and how they can help you use Twitter more effectively in Episode 15 of New Media Answers.

iPod Ready Video

Listen to past New Media Answers episodes

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New Podcasting Study – “Podcasting Goes Mainstream” has anew podcasting study out and has placed a summary of the complete study, Podcasting Goes Mainstream ($700!?!?) on their web site. Below are some interesting estimates of podcasting growth through 2013.

…The podcast audience has grown, too, and eMarketer projects that growth will continue at least through 2013, when there will be 37.6 million people downloading podcasts on a monthly basis, more than double the 2008 figure of 17.4 million.-

As a percentage of Internet users, podcast downloaders will grow from 9% in 2008 to 17% in 2013…

I have said that podcasting would break through some day and always reminded folks it is only 5 years old. Hopefully this marks the turning of the tide.

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Audio: Welcome and the first in our New Media Answers Series

Douglas E. Welch and Tracy Pattin sit down for the first episode in our series, New Media Answers

Listen: New Media Answers 001: Blogging and Your New Media Web Site

In this episode, Douglas offers a short introduction to New Media Interchange and then discusses all sorts of questions regarding blogging and your new media web site, using Tracy’s Sizzle in the Middle blog and podcast site as an example.

Listen in as they discuss what needs to be moved, what needs to be added and the ins and outs of blogging for your show.


This interview recorded with the Zoom H2 Handy Portable Stereo Recorder.

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Tech: Audacity, LAME and MP3s

Audacity Audio Editor

For those new to podcasting and new media, I often recommend the free audio recording and editing program, Audacity. This open source program offers you all the basic functions you need to get started.

One quirk of open source programs, though, is that you sometimes have to download additional software to enable some functions. This is the case when using Audacity to output MP3 files. In order to do that, you need to download and install the LAME MP3 encoder. One of the first question I often have to answer is how to do just that.

Luckily, the Audacity

web pages have a quick guide that shows you exactly what you need to do. Appropriately enough, you can find this information at How do I download and install the LAME MP3 encoder?

Any further questions? Add them as comments using the link below and we will answer them here.

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News: Lend Me Your Ears: Advertisers Begin To Target Podcasts

Lend Me Your Ears: Advertisers Begin To Target Podcasts

Posted 6/20/2008

Podcast audiences have branched out far beyond just geeks. And advertisers are starting to like them, too.

After having placed ads with Web sites and search engines, more advertisers are starting to spread their ad dollars to audio and video podcasts in an attempt to reach certain consumers.

Read the entire article

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News: Tech Nation: Scott Sigler’s Book Infected

Author Scott Sigler is credited with having the first podcast novel, Earthcore. His latest book, Infected, is now headed up the book charts. In this interview, he talks about Infected, but also about how podcasting helped to establish his writing career.

Dr. Moira Gunn speaks with Scott Sigler, who talks about his bioterror thriller “Infected.” While it’s based on the premise of a biological weapon on the loose, he’s actually a modern day Charles Dickens.

Listen to this show

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