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Member Video: Don LaFontaine Voice Over Lab Opening

NMI Member, Tracy Pattin at, produced this video on the opening of the new Don LaFontaine Voice Over Lab. She produces lots of videos like this, highlighting special events and producing testimonial videos for events and individuals.

Could your produce a video like this for your product, event or company? It is easier than you might think and can have quite an impact.


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Video: Different methods of presentation – 2 vacation videos

This post originally appeared in Careers in New Media, written by NMI Founder, Douglas E. Welch.

We recently returned from a trip to the UK and I took several videos while we were there. The 2 videos below show 2 different methods of presenting a location to your viewer.

The first is this time lapse video of a “flight” on the London Eye. It seemed to me that presenting clips from the slow moving ride, or posting the entire ride in real time wouldn’t really give the feeling that I was looking for.

To capture this footage, we immediately placed our Flip Mino HD on a table top tripod on the floor of the capsule. You may notice that there was at least one time when we adjusted the few, but for the most part the video was just captured as we enjoyed the view. The movement of the boats and cars offers a nice contrast to the slow movement of the Eye itself.

In order second video, we did the opposite. Instead of speeding up time, we slowed it down…at least figuratively. Using the concept of a “long picture” I took 3 views of Stonehenge, again using the tripod, but rather than moving around like most videos would, these are 2 static shots.

I believe this gives a great feeling of what it would be like to be sitting there on the grass with us. The audio was captured from a group who were chanting nearby and I thought this added an important element, too.

You can see more examples of these “long picture” videos in this Places UK: Cardiff Bay and Water in Millard Canyon.

Videos don’t have to be like every other video on the Internet. Experiment with movement, stillness, profiles, interviews and any other videos that you can imagine. You never know what you might discover.

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Audio: adds posting by Audio has added audio posting to your blogs. Here is a sample.

For more information, read the blog post announcing this feature.

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Member: Tango the Cheetah – Jungle Jenny at Project Survival’s CATHAVEN fundraiser

NMI Member, Jungle Jenny Michaels recently posted this great example of how to use New Media to “get your message out!” You can find more great content on her web site at

Jungle Jenny visits Tango the cheetah at Project Survival’s CATHAVEN Fundraiser in Hollywood, CA. Jenny talks to Wendy Debbas (CATHAVEN President), Dale Anderson (CATHAVEN Founder) and Davis Brimberg (fundraiser, event organizer) about the importance of wild cat conservation. Then we get up close and personal with Tango and learn some cheetah fun facts!

learn more about CATHAVEN at:

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